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Don't ever do this....

Bill went out this week and signed our family up at a new health club near our home. It is really nice….like so nice you almost don’t want to sweat in there. Tonight was my first night to go and I was taking Jacob and Savannah. It had been a busy afternoon with doctors appointments, soccer practice, etc. It got late and I realized Jacob and Savannah hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Although they have a cafe at the club, it just seemed easier to run through the Wendys drive through to get them something to eat on the way.

When we got to the gym, I collected everything and stuffed it in the Wendy’s bag…so it looked really full. Then…and it totally cracked me up….I go walking in the front door of the “health” club with a big ‘ole Wendys sack. I truly think the workers didn’t know what to say….I might have even heard an audible gasp. I was laughing at the irony of the whole thing when they told me they needed to take my picture for my ID card. I thought it would be hysterical to be holding my Wendy’s sack in the picture. Like it was going to be a true before and after shot.

They didn’t think it was nearly as funny as me.

I wanted to ask if you lose your sense of humor when you lose weight, but I figured they wouldn’t think that was funny either.