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It's beginning to sound a lot like Chirstmas...

Yes…the last few weeks Brittany has been playing Christmas carols on the piano, Savannah has struck up a few songs on the violin, Caroline has been begging for a laptop computer and Jacob tells just about anyone who will listen that he wants boxing gloves and a drum set for Christmas.

I wish I could record those sounds and put them on the computer (or that my sister lived in Houston so she could do it for me!). If I could record, I’d also post the Christmas conversation from dinner tonight.

It helps if you have a little background. Our church children’s choir puts on a performance each year during the Christmas season. A few years ago they did the nativity. Brittany was about 6 at the time and could not wait to find out what her part would be. An angel, Mary…maybe an animal. When they started calling out parts, Mary was taken, then the angel and then each girls name was called and it was announced that she would be a sheep. That is, until they got to Brittany. They called her name and said… will be …a…. cow. And a cow she was, spotted costume and all. It was hysterical. She was the only girl cow and if you mentioned it she would make an angry face and go “GRRR”. We tried not to talk about it too much and several times during the program she looked at us as if to say….“I sooo can not believe this has happened to me.”

They haven’t done the nativity since then but are going to be doing it this year. Brittany is now about to turn 10. Last night in choir they passed out the parts. I really think she thought….this is it! This is my year! And they began to call out the parts…

In a very flat voice she said….“I got my part for the nativity.” “What is it?!?”, we all wondered. She then said in a very loud and pretty perturbed voice….“I’m a wiseMAN with Thomas and GEORGE!!!!

To which Savannah responded in an equally perturbed voice ….“Hey, I’m NOTHING!” As she reports it….“there is only one Mary and I’m not her so I’m nothing.”

I think Brittany would trade.