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Let's Dance

Every now and then, you just have to dance.

Tonight was one of those occasions. We ate dinner and, in a “never really happens” moment, I had made chocolate chip cookies for dessert. (OK, they were out of a package so I didn’t really “make” them as much as I heated them, but they were good all the same).

I guess the sugar rush kicked in and before I knew it Brittany was literally standing on her chair dancing. I didn’t even get out my disbelief before Jacob hopped up on his chair and started following suit.

I was convinced Bill and I had completely lost control when Savannah then began dancing and let out a loud “WHOO HOO”. There are more of them than us and it had come to this…the children were no longer sitting in their chairs for dinner, but they were dancing in them.

Swallowing all the “I can’t believe this” mom feelings, I looked at Bill and said….“if we can’t beat ’em, let’s just join ’em.”

Now Bill can’t stand in his chair and dance because, for starters, that is just not his style, not to mention that his head would be somewhere in the attic. Caroline is much too cool for dancing in her chair around the kitchen table so I think she slunk off somewhere with Bill to ponder how they ended up with the rest of us.

But tonight, we laid aside all the “sit down”, “sit up”, “sit still” language and said….“Get up and DANCE.”

They’ll learn their manners (I hope!), but tonight, we danced.