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Christmas Lights

We put up our Christmas Tree tonight. It’s been a work in progress. We bought it last Sunday in between lunch after church and a 2:00 party. We had it picked out, paid for and strapped on the car in 15 minutes flat. (Not quite sure that “hurry up” was part of the Christmas memory we wanted to create, but that was literally all the time we had).

Monday night Bill strung the lights, Tuesday Brittany performed in the 4th grade Nutcracker (she was a dancing flower and her song ended with her flip flopping into the splits), Wednesday was choir rehearsal for the childrens program, Thursday was a friends birthday party and Friday was the Sunday School Christmas Party. So FINALLY tonight, we put ornaments on the tree.

Funny thing is, I’ve enjoyed it with just the lights. Jacob has “crafted” a few ornaments here and there (he is currently very into arts and crafts). I tried to convince the crew that we should only do homemade ornaments…you know, some popcorn and cranberry strings, aluminum foil star….but no one really jumped at my “Little House on the Prairie” ideas.

Once we started pulling all the old favorites out though, it was fun to hear…“I remember THIS one”… over and over again. We have an Abraham Lincoln ornament that, when we turn the lights on the tree, plays “My Country Tis of Thee”. Every time. I’m starting to wonder if the kids think it’s a Christmas carol. In fact, every time I’ve turned on the tree this week I’ve expected to hear it play. It’s just a part of our Christmas and it’s fun.

Then we read the Advent story. We’re only 13 days behind on that. I’m not worried. We’ll catch up.

Tonights story was about how the star was guiding the Shepherds to the manger. Isn’t that interesting how the star shone A light to THE light of the world?

Shepherds followed the star to Jesus and He has been offering to lead the way ever since.

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Deanne - Dec 3, 2008

I had a similar time issue with getting the ornaments on the tree and I, too, was actually enjoying the tree with only the lights. But I put the ornaments on anyway. But I do love the lights - must be a Rodgers thing.

kathrynsmoore - Dec 3, 2008

We do homemade ornaments and popcorn string and all that for our tree in Breckenridge. It is SO fun. But I did miss taking out all my special ornaments this year, and boring Lane and Abigail with the stories about each one. I’m sure they missed it too. :-)