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Heavenly Peace...

It’s hard being a “blogger” in December. I really don’t feel like I have much time to think, let alone write! I just posted my facebook status as “Darla is considering buying reindeer antlers for her car and singing ‘Run Run Reindeer’ as she crazily drives around town trying to get everything done!” I’m serious.

“Run, Run Reindeer” was the song Savannah’s jazz class danced to tonight and I really thought….I totally feel like the reindeer. There are days I am double and triple booked for things I’d like to do, places I’d like to go….all in the spirit of the season where we sing carols with lines such as “all is CALM”!

Don’t get me wrong….I’ve enjoyed the events, the friends, the food, the fun. It’s just that there are days I wish I could push the pause button on it all. I’d like to pause to enjoy all that the season represents, pause to enjoy the wonder of the children, pause to worship the newborn King.

Christmas is about more than just getting through it. It’s about celebrating the reason for it.

Let the celebration of our Saviour’s birth continue…but for now, I’m going to try to go “sleep in Heavenly Peace”.

And tomorrow I’m going to try to remember, every now and then, to pause.

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Beth - Dec 3, 2008

It’s amazing that life (actually, Daddy’s death) has caused me to miss my entire December-hectic thing this year. I wasn’t with my husband and kids much of the month - no parties, no cookie bakes, no CHRISTmas (excuse me - holiday) programs at school. Shopped mostly online - no crazy lines and traffic. Missed it all. I can’t believe CHRISTmas is here. So, as wacky as it gets, please make sure to stop and make yourself pause for every blessing - even if it means you do it on the way to, yet, another chaotically-scheduled, seasonal event! :)