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A few more things I thought were funny...

O.K., so I’ve become something of a blog reader. People will send me some links and before I know it I’m caught up in reading about someone else’s life. One thing I’ve found out is that even the cyber world is small.

For example….I read my friend Molly’s ( blog in Houston. It had a link on it to a Minnesota moms blog ( who may now end up doing a family photo shoot for us sometime. I noticed a link on her blog to another blog ( of a mom in Arkansas that a friend in Tennessee had just sent me. Kind of complicated, but here’s the deal…these are all people from totally different walks of life, they don’t know each other…there’s no “common element” that links us…it’s just a small cyber world after all.

All that to say….a lot of these blogs have regular features….the Minnesota mom has “not me Monday” which is a day when she describes all the things she “most certainly did not do” which is a tongue in cheek description of things she can’t believe she actually did do. I think my contribution to the blogmunity is going to be this …..“a few more things I thought were funny.” Or maybe I’ll call it “Darla Stories”. A regular feature of things that just seem to occur in my life (on a regular basis I might add) that I think are funny.

Because, truth be told, funny things happen to me all the time. Some things that happen to me, really may not be that funny to others, but to me, they are. My mom has said before, in a lowered “mom” type voice….“oh Darla, that’s really not funny.”

Like the time I thought it was hysterical that I wet my pants while walking through Woodland Gardens Christmas Light Display. Bill said something really funny, I began to laugh…things began to, let’s say, leak and I didn’t want anyone to see. So I walked behind a bush which unbeknownst to me had a big light in it which then only shed lots more light on my predicament. Bill kept saying….get out of the light, get out of the light! which only made me laugh harder. So hard in fact that I could not walk. People were commenting as they walked by…“oh, that’s just awful”, etc. I had to ride back from Hot Springs to Little Rock wrapped in Bill’s golf towel. Like I said, this was one of those stories my mom definitely did not think I should be laughing about, but I’m telling you, I thought it was hysterical. (Just so you know, I have now had surgery to correct that problem….I highly recommend it).

And there are other things….I mean seriously, even a regular weekly feature might not cover it all, but here are just “a few more things I thought were funny….”

  1. That in an attempt to hide Bill’s Fathers Day present, I placed the gift - just for a second - or so I thought- on the hood of the Suburban. Forgot about it until late that afternoon. Somehow I then backed down our driveway, drove out of our neighborhood and merged into a major intersection without ever noticing that I had a CROQUET set sitting on the hood….looked like a giant hood ornament! The only way I noticed was that one of Bill’s friends was walking down that road and was pointing to the hood. I just thought he was waving so I waved back…being friendly and all. He kept pointing, I kept waving. Until I realized…the hood ornament….and then I began laughing so hard I could not drive. Had to pull over.
  2. That on my second week at HBU, I asked my class…“so, did the Huskies win the football game this weekend?!?” Bunch of blank stares until one student declared…“Mrs. Baerg, HBU doesn’t have a football team.” Note to self….get more familiar with the University.
  3. That once when showing an instructional video of an informative speech to my class, I said….“I love this speech, but don’t know why the guy gave it sitting down.” That is until another assertive student said….“uhm, Mrs. Baerg…he’s in a wheelchair.” Ouch….again, duly noted. (And I do realize that is really more embarrassing than funny…really embarrassing in fact).
  4. That I once had to go to a friends house to have her cut my hairbrush out of my hair…I foolishly tried to blow it dry and use one of those curling brushes. I mean styling the front is fine, but the back…forget about it. My advice….leave that to the professionals.
  5. That I had to go back to this same neighbor, scissors in hand, to have her cut 4 month old Caroline out of an “ill fitting” (read WAY too tight around the arms) dress. I was freaked that it was cutting the circulation off. Becky very calmly cut down the seam and extracted my baby from the dress (which was actually a dress my mom had sent me that I had worn as a baby). Honestly, I never even saw a seam. My only thought was to call 911.
  6. That at Brittanys basketball game on Saturday we could not find her jersey. It’s black and so I thought….no problem….I’ll just use a black t-shirt and tape her number (12) on the back. Unfortunately, the 2 looked more like the letter “z”. I knew it was bad when people began joking….“Foul on one-z” or then ,when she began playing really well, the crowd began chanting…“is, is, IS”. When Bill showed up (from another game) he took one look and said….“oh that’s just awful.” I’ve heard that before!

So, there you have it. A few “Darla stories”. Hopefully, some of these stories will make you chuckle. If nothing else, they may make you feel just a little better about yourself….you know….thankful that these things aren’t happening to you!

And finally, I would love for you to weigh in….“Darla Stories” or “A few more things I thought were funny”? You decide. And to keep a tally, please consider signing up as a follower, or just sign in, so that you can leave comments on this site. Many of you send me comments….which I love…..but you send them to my email or facebook address. (My friend Debra reports that “having this blog sent straight to your email is the way to go”. Your call. But here is your chance to get hooked into the blogmunity!

It’s easy! I promise….I signed Bill up.

And for me, I’m just gonna keep laughing….it sure beats crying!