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On the Road Again...

Brittany and I were off to Austin, TX yesterday with the entire 4th grade for an up close and personal look at Texas history at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum and a tour of our state capital. Although we left VERY early, it was really a fun trip.

I learned all kinds of facts….Texas is as large as France and England, combined. We have a state motto…friendship, and a state meal…chili. Never knew that. When we were doing a scavenger hunt, we had to find a mannequin of an early settler. One of my group members piped up, once we had located the mannequin (in total seriousness)…“oh, that’s too bad….she got her head chopped off (referring to the settler, not the mannequin).” I set the record straight on that Texas Tall Tale and quickly moved to another exhibit.

Another light moment was when we were in the Senate chamber. Remarkably, our state senator just happened to walk through at that exact time. He asked where we were from and we quickly figured out that he was our Senator. He said he has asked every group he has ever seen in the chamber where they are from and we are the very first he’s met that he actually represented.

He was very gracious and signed autographs for the kids. His name is Dan Patrick and I think he was enjoying his popularity among the kids. That is until one student, upon being given his signed ticket, raised it in the air and squealed with excitement….“I just got Rick Perry’s autograph!!!” (Rick Perry is our Governor).

After that Senator Patrick retreated back to his office but not before offering to the students that whoever wrote the best essay could come and serve as his page for one day in the Senate. Having been a page when I was in about the 4th grade for a state Senator (and later going to Washington, DC to intern for a Senator and work for a Congressman), I thought that was the coup of the day. I’m hoping Brittany enters and maybe wins. I’m telling myself over and over not to write the paper for her.

Maybe just a few suggestions…