Today’s Forecast….

Today’s Forecast….

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Houston. It was sunny, 76 degrees, no humidity….crystal blue skies….and all this in January! I loved it! Everywhere I went I continuously marveled, “isn’t this a beautiful day?!”

And late this afternoon I called Bill at the office. He answered and I said…

“Quick…you have 30 seconds to tell me a day you thought was more beautiful than this one.”

I thought he’d say…”it is gorgeous, isn’t it?” or maybe “I haven’t been out yet.”

But instead, without skipping a beat, he said this….

“August 11, 1990.”

The day we were married.

And you wondered where Jacob got his smooth talking ways.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Forecast….

  1. Awesome. I retract my earlier statement about having to train him better. And I had no idea your anniversary is just almost exactly one year from ours – August 5, 1989.

  2. Love love love this one! I at least think Eric does know our wedding date, but am certain he wouldn’t think of saying that. Bill deserved dessert with dinner last night.

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