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Wedding Belles

So we took Brittany out for her post-birthday lunch today. She LOVES Mexican food and had picked “On the Border.” When we got there we found it had gone out of business. (I guess not everyone shared her enthusiasm for their food.) We headed over to Guadalajara instead….which ironically is where Bill, Caroline, her Grammy and Grandy, Aunt Deah and I ate the night before she arrived.

Somehow Bill and I started talking about paying for college, the economy… and then wedding funds. Bill, all impressed with himself, stated…. “I can’t believe it. I’ve already been saving for the girls weddings.”

When we inquired about the amount he had saved, Caroline announced that that wouldn’t even cover the cost of her DRESS. Granted, she is our child with designer tastes and a Target budget, but Bill almost choked on the amount she thought it would take for her ideal dress.

Now granted…there are still quite a few years left before we’re planning any weddings much less shopping for dresses around here, but, more than likely there will be THREE of them. I’m all about finding good deals and all, but I think Bill may have no idea what he’s in for.

Either that or the girls don’t.