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Sleep tight...

Tonight was Savannah’s weekly violin lesson. She was so excited because she got a new song that she has been chomping at the bit to begin playing.

The song is called “Perpetual Motion.”

I’m starting to think it’s my theme song. Kind of like a metaphor for my life.

It has no rests…no breaks whatsoever. It just goes and goes and goes….and goes. Quickly.

And as I listened I thought about my day. You know the drill….kids up, lunches packed, carpool, teach 75 students how to organize a speech, carpool again, 3 kids to gymnastics, 1 to violin, one to a church youth group function.

I am, what you would call “weary”.

Flat out tired. And right now, I have to keep going. Because just like that song, there isn’t a break in the music. And it’s going quickly.

This weekend there’ll be a girls weekend (which has been shortened for me to one night so it’s technically not a weekend), Brittany has a championship (yes, I said championship…you go girl!) basketball game, a team party, a play (Legally Blonde) downtown with Caroline, a youth retreat wrap up service, a 40th birthday party for a friend.

And yes, I know we are busy because we have made choices that cause us to be busy. And I’m not complaining. Just stating the obvious.

Maybe later tonight I’ll have Savannah play one of her earlier favorites…“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Because when my kids were younger, that song would put them right to sleep.

And tonight…I’m quite sure it will work on me!!!