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Super Bowl Sunday

Perhaps this is an addendum to yesterdays post. Goes along with the whole “I’m not that into sports at the moment” thing.

But it is Super Bowl Sunday. And, just in case anyone asked Jacob who he was pulling for to win, Bill wanted to make sure Jacob was prepared with an answer. (This is a direct result of a 5 year old asking Jacob who he wanted to win a certain playoff game and Jacob just staring at the guy like…I have no idea what you are talking about.)

So this morning before church I hear Bill say…“Buddy, are you for the Steelers or the Cardinals?” He gave him a few tips about each team, told him who he was rooting for, etc. He said….“doesn’t matter who you are for, but pick one….Cardinals or Steelers.”

And in the car as we were pulling into church he said…“So Jacob, who is it…who do YOU want to win the Superbowl?!”

And Jacob said….