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A Bugz Life and Real Life

Tonight was the big Rummel Creek Elementary 2nd Grade performance of “A Bugz Life”. All the kids had really cute costumes….Savannah was a monarch butterfly.

You will not be surprised to learn that I had absolutely nothing to do with the making of these costumes. When they asked for volunteers for that job … well, I just lowered my head and intently stared at the floor until they had enough people to do it.

I did volunteer to help teach the dances to the students…in fact I accidentally hit “reply all” in response to the email asking for volunteers stating that I’d be happy to help because “I like to move it, move it.” I’m still living that one down. And not surprisingly they never called me for that. I heard nothing until I got the…“think you can tape some bugs onto the cafeteria windows?” call. And that job was really more my speed anyway.

All the kids did a great job! Aside from Savannah losing one of the balls off her antennae right as the show opened, her role was flawless. She even had a “featured” part where she and a few other bugs sang at the microphone. They sang “Firefly, Firefly” with the choir and the fireflys danced in the background with little flashlights. It was pure sweetness.

There were army ants and ladybugs and love bugs…oh my!

And there was a little mishap with a bumble bee when their antennae got tangled:

But it was actually the bumble bees that had my favorite line of the night when they exclaimed… “it don’t mean a thang it you ain’t got that stang.” Total cuteness.

But the real bug drama we saved for the ride home. We were in Bill’s car and Caroline, Jacob and Savannah were in the back seat. As we were driving through the neighborhood by the school, somehow a REAL live bee flew in the car. Now I should just tell you here that Bill has, for all intents and purposes, banned our family from ever going camping. And it has everything to do with our children’s complete intolerance for flying bugs that sting.

And when Savannah told Caroline the bee had landed on her head? Well, katie bar the door. Or something like that. Because the shrieking and screaming that ensued was enough to draw people out onto their front lawns. Before I even knew what was happening ALL three kids jumped out of the car and went yelling through someones yard. All I could think about was the fact that we looked like a crazy clown car where kids just kept piling out and screaming.

I think we scared the bee worse than the bee scared us and he took off. The kids piled back in the car and we were off. And I don’t really get embarrassed that easily, but taking that drive of shame down that street politely nodding and waving at people who were clearly confused by what they had seen?

Well, that did embarrass me a little bit.