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Conspiracy Theory

I’m not sure who shot J.R.

I don’t know all the “grassy knoll” theories.

I don’t understand many of Oliver Stone’s conspiracy theories.

But I do think the 2nd grade teachers at Savannah’s school are out to get me.

In the fall they wanted pictures of Savannah throughout her life for a “time line” project they were doing. I had no time, much less desire to pour through the boxes of photos I amassed before going digital (which, by the way, is SO MUCH EASIER!!) so I went around the house taking pictures of her out of frames. Just because she was the only kid with mostly 5 by 7 photos didn’t bother me in the least.

Then came the macaroni penguin…which you know I was rescued from doing.

Then the Bugz Life play and my job of taping hundreds of little bugs onto the windows of the cafeteria.

And not 24 hours after the play wrapped?!?

I got an email requesting 4 to 5 photos of me and Savannah together for a mothers day project they are working on at school.

Now that’s mighty sweet of them and all, but I just checked and I have exactly zero pictures with just Savannah and I that have been taken digitally. Lots of group shots but they don’t want those.

And I still don’t want to plow through those old photo boxes. I am considering paying Caroline to scan in all my old photos this summer. But that is this summer and this is now.

I guess we will spend this afternoon changing clothes and hairstyles in an attempt to take four pictures that don’t look like they were all taken on the same day just in time for the project.

Except that they were.

And now I think I’m starting to hear little voices in my head too.