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National Boost your Blog Day

It’s not really National Boost your Blog Day.

I just made that up.

But that is what it kind of is for me. You see, Bill has been asking me to write a book for a long time. I kept telling him that was silly…. I mean, who would read it? (I have to say that my friend Beth has probably been encouraging me to do this for even longer than Bill so she gets some credit too.)

So lately I’ve been practicing. Because, and I’m not making this up, my senior year in high school I took a class where the goal of the whole class was to write. Poetry, haiku, short stories, you name it, we wrote it. And everyone was supposed to have something published in “The Labyrinth” at the end of the year.

And everyone from the class did have something published, except for me. The teacher felt badly that she never noticed that she had not put anything of mine in the “print” basket. Didn’t really bother me. I’m not a big poetry and short story fan anyway.

But it did make me think writing was probably not my strong suit, youknowwhatImean?

Which is why the thought that anyone beyond my mom and my husband (and ok, Beth) read this blog is flattering and humbling and encouraging.

So, all that said, I am working on a book. I don’t know the first thing about getting a publisher or self publishing or anything. Many of you know I have had two articles published in the last few years, but it was a fluke I’m telling ya, a total fluke.

OK, actually God orchestrated it, but seriously, it was bizarre how the first one came to be in print.

I would covet your prayers as the final touches are put on the book. More than anything, I do not want them to my my words, but God’s words. I don’t want to write a single thing that He did not plant in my mind first.

And so, when Bill has asked me lately … “why are you spending so much time on your blog?”…. well I’ve just answered….“I’m practicing for my book.” I mean…how can he argue?

And you, my bloggy friends, will be the first to know when the book is finished.

But there is more…One of the reasons I want to write is to (hopefully) give myself more credibility as a Christian Womens speaker. I have spoken to several church groups and it has blessed me more than you will ever know.

Like I seriously love it.

I love it because when I am speaking, I feel like I am doing what God has called me to do.

And really, does it get any better than that?

So this is what I need. And mind you, I hate asking for anything. But I would love it if you would consider signing up as a follower of the blog. I only ask this so when potential engagement bookers look at it, they will know that I’m not just talking to myself.

Now I have heard that signing up requires a password, so if it’s too much trouble then do not worry one bit. Please, I can barely remember my phone number most days, much less a password. A follower only means you will be listed on the side of my blog. You can still have it emailed directly to your email account and never even have to click on the blog. (oh and there is this…if you do click on the blog…click on an ad…I make like 3 cents a click or something…I’m saving up for a Diet Coke).

Secondly, as of today, I am announcing … drum roll please … It is a website to find out more about my speaking ministry, etc. It also has a link to the blog. I would love it, if you feel led, for you to share it with the womens minister at your church or with any of your friends who may belong to churches that need a speaker.

Right now churches are planning their 2009-2010 schedules and I’d love to get a booking or five.

I am not doing this for money. I’m doing it, as I said, because I love it and feel it’s what God has called me to do. If I do get paid…then Bill is very, very glad. If I don’t….well, there is always that 3 cents I’m earning on the blog. :)

So I would covet not only your prayers, but your encouragement and recommendation to your friends and churches.

Please, tell a friend about the blog, tell a womens minister that I speak…and most importantly, have a great week!



PS Many, many thanks to my sister who created the website for me! She also gave my blog a new background…jazzing things up a bit. So, if you normally have it emailed to you, today you may want to go to the actual site…just to see the new look. And if you need a website or some graphic design work … my sister is your girl!

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Beth - Apr 1, 2009

YEA!!!! ….writing a book!!!! I’m so excited! …Bugging you until you get it done - I think that’s what God has called me to do! :) Love you and am SOOOO proud of you!!!

Deanne - Apr 2, 2009

You go!! Of course you have all my support. I’m already a follower but I’ll see what else I can do. I’ll do anything you can think that you need me to do. No problem.And boy! Did Deah ever jazz things up! I may have a little work for her over at Random Thoughts.

Deb - Apr 2, 2009

Love the new look, girlfriend! I’m recruiting followers!

Mindy Dillingham - Apr 2, 2009

How exciting! I love your blog and will be praying for you.