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Dear Wii, Please Forgive Me...

Last year for my birthday my parents gave me a Wii Fit.

I have enjoyed doing all the Wii exercises - heading virtual soccer balls, acting like a penguin eating fish in an attempt to improve my balance, and much to the great delight and amusement of my children, attempting to do push ups on the Wii. Please note … it did not go well …. Caroline actually got the video camera and exclaimed …. “Dad has GOT to see this!”

But I have also found the Wii to be quite rude. For example - the day I got it, and several times since, it has asked me to do a balance test. And upon completion it will ask me …. “do you find yourself tripping a lot?”

And that’s just plain rude. I mean does a video game seriously need to badger me about my lack of being able to achieve good balance?!? Pointing out the obvious?!?

And the worst part … when you stand on it, it’s first reaction is to go “ohhh” as if it was somehow groaning under the pressure. I felt really badly about it for awhile but then I realized that it said that to everyone and now I don’t feel so badly anymore.

But every now and then you might hear me mutter to myself … “The Wii is rude.”

Until now.

Because the Wii has taken notice that I was attempting to work out a little more and eat a little better.

And I know this because Bill got on the Wii the other day and it asked him… “Have you noticed how good Cool Mama looks lately?” (Cool Mama is my Wii handle - I came up with that myself.)

And Bill did what you would hope any man in that situation would do, and he clicked “yes.”

And then the Wii said… “Do you think she is skinnier or more toned?”

And Bill panicked because he didn’t know which one was better. Meanwhile I was prancing around in front of the TV declaring my undying love for the Wii.

Unfortunately there was no button to answer “both” so I told him to pick skinnier even though he thought more toned sounded better.

And when Bill answered, the Wii said…. “You should tell Cool Mama!!”

And Bill, in total amazement, said… “who knew the Wii did marriage counseling?!”

And I want to publicly apologize to the Wii for ever calling it rude.

Because it’s my new best friend.