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Stimulating the Economy...

Or stimulating my brain…however you want to look at it.

According to….and I’m all about hunting a trend…McDonald’s is bringing back their $1 for any size drink special this summer. For the whole summer!!

And as much as I love Sonic ice and their year round 2-4 happy hour, I also love the perfectly blended Diet Coke concoction at McDonalds. And this is true…I spoke with a Coke executive a few years ago and he confirmed my hunch that McDonalds has a special Diet Coke and Coke formulation. No one else in the industry can get the same blend that McDonalds does. And in my opinion, it is the perfect combination of syrup and carbonation. (That little bit of trivia was free for the taking today.)

So anyway…I felt it was my duty as an American looking for ways to stimulate the economy and keep myself caffeinated…to pass along this little bit of news.

You’re welcome.

PS After I wrote this and went to take advantage of this special summer offer (with exactly $1.07 with me) I found out that my McDonalds isn’t starting summer until June 1. So much for Memorial Day kicking off the summer season.

Recession Refreshments
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$1 Fountain Drinks This Summer at McDonalds #

Recession Refreshments up!

For summer 2009, McDonalds restaurants are continuing to give consumers a deal by offering any size soft drinks for $1, for the entire season.

This awesome deal comes on the heels of their free coffee promotion, which just ended.

It is common knowledge that companies who look after their customers during a recession see sales soar subsequently. No wonder McDonald’s continues to be a leader in their field.

For summer 2009 McDonalds restaurants is continuing to give consumers a deal by offering $1 any size soft drinks, for the entire season. (mcdonalds)