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I was just beginning to think the month of May would never end. Just yesterday I told the kids not to worry about eating breakfast because they would have donuts since it was the first Sunday of the month. Then Bill took the wind right out of my sails when he said….“It’s May 31.”

Seriously…longest month ever.

Since Disney we have logged a piano recital:

A dance recital:

Jacob’s role as an orange in the Pre-K rendition of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”:

Followed by a cameo as the “big” cricket (“cuz I’m the tallest one Mommy”) in “The Very Quiet Cricket”:

(seen here with the casting director, his teacher and my friend…Kat Smith!)

The play was followed by a “I have a summer birthday” school celebration…and Jacob now declares he is officially 6 “at least at school” because we’ve celebrated his birthday.

Not to mention the Pre-K Splash Day festivities:

(and I want it recorded for posterity - which was one of Caroline’s vocabulary words I spent lots of time calling out to her last week - that the little girl in the camo swimsuit on the end…well, that was Jacob’s first kiss. It’s true. While waiting in the bathroom line she said she was going to kiss him and when she did he said…“Mama, I didn’t know what to do so I kissed her back.” To be honest, I think he kind of liked it. Perhaps I should consider homeschooling. :)

After all the splash day hoopla Jacob said he “wanted to go home with me.” Something about being tired. So, I packed that sweet boy up and we headed to the mall for an end of the year hurrah at the arcade and some time in the play castle … mostly because I’m not sure he’ll still think all that is cool and want to hold my hand through the mall in kindergarten. And I’m not missing it. No, I’m not. Even if his sisters were mad. And even when Brittany said…“Huh?!?…we say we’re tired and you say ‘go to bed earlier’ and he says he’s tired and you ’let’s go to the arcade?!?”

I do see the discrepancy.

But, it’s called preschool and it doesn’t really count. And he’s five (or 6 if you believe the birthday celebration rule he implemented) and the fact that, truth be told, I probably did something similar back in the day when they were in Pre-k. At least I hope I did.

There’s no blog to prove I didn’t.

And I’m not even going to include pictures of the gymnastics final performance for Jacob and Savannah, the softball championship game and fun post season swim party, or discuss the two major 4th grade projects, 7th grade finals prep, trip to the ER clinic for Savannah who was very sick with a stomach bug, purchase of several new appliances for our home, swim team practices and time trials, 2 birthday parties, 3 going away parties…or anything else that happened in the last two weeks of May.

Because I’m too tired to do it.

So, today….a little celebration as this is the last Monday that these will be packed up until next year.

HAPPY JUNE 1st!!!!