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I had to post...

Because he was just too excited not to…

Today was Jacob’s very first swim meet. He has gone to swim meets and swim practices every summer of his life, watching his sisters swim for hours upon hours.

But tonight was his turn.

The big debut.

And in his first race…a freestyle medley with three other 5 and 6 year old little boys, his team came in first place. Just because it was a first place in the last heat of his age division didn’t matter in the least. He had a blue ribbon.

And he was SO excited. “MAMA…my FIRST race is a FIRST place. Get it?!?”

And the night only got better when he swam in the 6 and under individual freestyle and came in second. “See Mama…my FIRST race is FIRST place, my SECOND race is SECOND place. Get it?!? I’m counting!”

The only heart breaker of the evening was when I looked over at him as he was standing at the ready bench. He was about 3 races away from diving in. When my eye caught his eye, his little lip started to quiver and he held up his Crocs. He had accidentally worn his shoes to the deck. I got his shoes and the race went off without a hitch.

And I know to me and you it might just look like a blue ribbon, but to Jacob…it might as well have been Olympic Gold.