JULY 23, 2009

In recognition of this special day today,

I have taken the opportunity to guest blog, (ok, I really hijacked it), and wish my lovely wife a truly

Happy Birthday!

Not everyone knew her when, so I thought we would all appreciate a few of the images of Darla’s early days….

Fashion queen she was…..

Domestic maven….

Girl of my dreams…

A true gift from God, she blesses my life daily

Happy Birthday from us all!

I love you,


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  1. Very nicely done! You are only missing the one of her and me in our matching dresses when we appeared on The Bozo Show.

    And true to our natures, during the head nodding section of the sing-a-long we bumped heads. I don't remember which of us was out of synch, but we clunked pretty good.

    Happy Birthday (again) Darla – seems like a wonderful day is in the making!

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