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My feet, my aching feet...

We did a lot of walking in Italy.

And a lot of climbing.

Up stairs. To go to the top of towers.

Lots and lots of stairs.

At one point Tommy said…“I’m getting kind of tired of paying churches money to climb their stairs.” But we kept on anyway.

Because when in Italy…well, I guess you climb stairs as the Italians. Or something like that.

One great one was in Sienne when we climbed and climbed to get to the top of a tower and this older gentleman visited with us. He was a lifelong resident of Sienne and hadn’t climbed the tower in 40 or 50 years. He said he was waiting for a beautiful day.

And seeing how he went up the day we were there makes me think we picked a really, really good day to go.

And as we walked we saw:

Lots of churches.

Beautiful vineyards.

Beautiful scenery.

In big cities.

And smaller towns.

We went to famous museums.

And listened to Bill read from the tour guide book.
A lot.
A whole, whole lot.

But our feet really did hurt. Cindy’s the most because she opted for fashion over function and her sandals made big blisters on the bottoms of her feet. And I can’t imagine how much they hurt.

But then Tommy broke his toe. And that had to hurt a lot too.

I’m telling you, there were lots of aching feet.

Oh, and there is one more thing I should tell you.

On one set of those stairs we stopped and had a little “thank you Jesus” session because almost a year ago Cindy had a really bad injury while horseback riding. And her leg was in really bad shape. And at that time, barring a miracle, Cindy probably never could have climbed all those stairs.

But Cindy got a miracle … and although our feet hurt, our hearts were glad!!!

And we needed to thank Jesus for aching feet!