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Dear summer, I miss you already!


Four days of getting four kids to school, two days of teaching two classes I have never taught before and I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I am not a nap taker by nature … always afraid I’d miss something I guess … and yet today I fell asleep on the couch in about two seconds. Of course, every time I fell asleep I was soon interrupted with …“can I have a snack? Can I have another snack? Why does she get that snack?”, etc. But just that little bit of refresher felt pretty good.

At least I can face the task tonight of going through backpacks and more than likely signing more forms (why is it that it takes one form to get married, one form to prove your were born and about 123 to prove you live in your neighborhood, are a U.S. citizen, have insurance and have emergency contacts on file … I think the forms are why I am so exhausted. They are endless it seems!)

After day one of no lunch, I forgot to pack a snack for Jacob on day two. He loved the school issued animal crackers though so I wouldn’t have even known had the teacher not sent an email to the entire class reminding us “all” that we are to send a healthy, peanut-free snack each day. Got it!

With the exception of football, we haven’t started any of our extracurricular activities yet. I’m afraid if we had, it might have sent me over the edge. I need awhile to get over the summer schedule slowdown! I need a week or two to get back in the full swing groove, please. I’m begging you.

And about football. It was Jacob’s first practice ever and I’m pretty sure it was the cutest thing I had ever seen (I am not yet over the disappointment of forgetting my camera). Except the part when Jacob learned it was flag and not tackle. “WHAT?!? I wanted to tackle!!” was his protest. Sorry bud … not this year. Not even any helmets or pads. Just a flag around your waist and a ball. It’ll be fine.

Bill came to watch as well and told me that in the “after practice meeting” Jacob was held up as an example. I was sure that he would follow that sentence with … “he showed determination, drive, ability” … something. Instead he said … “he was wearing the right shorts for the games.”

And seeing how it was only practice and I was a first time football fan mom, I didn’t know they didn’t wear the game shorts to the practice.

Except my child will because it might be all he has clean.

And I am way too tired to do the laundry!