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You are all invited ...

I have given up.

Not on my marriage but certainly on the present I was giving to my husband for our 19th anniversary. I did not try to post a silent movie yesterday on the blog, but the folks at youtube informed me that I needed a copyright to post a song (which was perfect!) for my video (which I loved) for Bill. So youtube silenced the video and it has been impossible for me to try to figure out how to post it any other way.

In case you weren’t one of the approximately three people who saw the picture video montage with music chronicling Bill and I’s life before it got “muted”, here is the gist of the song:

It goes … “I wonder what God was thinking….when he created you. He must have known everything I’d need … he made all my wishes come true. When God made you … He must have been thinking about me.”

Now it sounds a lot better when it’s sung and has instruments playing in the background … trust me on this. The three people that saw it have emailed asking if they can do that for their husbands and asking if I’ll teach them how to make the video.

But for now, this is what I can do: I can tell you all how much I love Bill Baerg and the life we have together. I have absolutely no doubt that God made me for Bill and Bill for me. NO DOUBT. He is patient and kind and thoughtful and hardworking … a wonderful father and husband - and the best part is that he loves me as much as I love him.

One of my friends the other day said she thinks there is a special jewel for Bill’s crown in heaven that reads: “I was married to Darla and survived!” It’s really probably true. Did I mention Bill was patient?!?

The second thing I can do is to let you all know that if you are ever in the area, come on by … I’ll be glad to show you the video on my computer. Caroline and I spent hours and hours working on it and we’re both disappointed you can’t see it.

But not as disappointed as we’d be if they hauled us off to jail for copyright infringement.

So come on by … it’s an open invitation.

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Deanne - Aug 3, 2009

I knew something was up when my email showed up with only a title. I’m sorry I didn’t check sooner in the day and see it. I checked your blog in the morning but all I saw was the cookie dough. I’d love to see the video. Attach it to an email.

I hope you guys had a great day. I’m still waiting on Billy to get back from Arkansas so we can celebrate. And knowing our family as I do, I think there are crown jewels waiting on everyone who marries in. :) Congratulations.

LindaD - Aug 3, 2009

bummer bummer bummer! I would have loved to see it too! I also want you to know that I enjoy reading your blog. I hope to blog again, but I seem to have lost my “voice” for now. Stay tuned though, because when I get it back I will have lots to say!