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An open letter to my tennis game ...

Dear tennis game-

I thought you were dead to me forever.

You see, all summer - when it was approximately 145 degrees outside and all you gave me was a headache, I neglected you. I thought to myself,… I must not really enjoy this game like the others (by others I mean those actually ON the courts during those brutal Houston summer days).

While others were posting on facebook things such as “Off to the courts!”, all I could think was “Off to the pool!”. Or maybe “Off with my head” if I actually had to go. Nothing seemed appealing to me about it. Nothing.

And I felt a little guilty, especially in light of the time and money I’d spent working on my game. I mean that pink racquet from Target was $14.99 and I hated to see that go to waste.

But it was hot - very, very hot.

So today … on this last weekend in September, with fall officially on the calendar, I ventured back to the courts.

Pink tennis skirt, pink racket and all.

And after one shot, you were suddenly alive to me again. Volleys, overheads … missed shots and all.

And I just thought I should tell you.

I’m back.