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Facebook Phenom

Yesterday I wrote on here about Maggie Lee Henson. I had barely hit the word “post” before people started emailing me with ways they knew her and her family. It didn’t really surprise me that so many people knew her because the day of the accident I had remarked that Maggie Lee was somewhat of a facebook phenom. All over facebook, friends of mine … from different cities and even different states … all had changed their facebook status to encourage people to pray for Maggie Lee. I couldn’t believe how many people I knew that knew them.

I got an email from her mom today and she had read the post about Maggie Lee. She sent me this:

Hey, darla-
This is Maggie Lee’s mom, Jinny. I wanted to tell you
how much I appreciated your post on Maggie Lee. She
was an amazing little person for whose absence
there are no words.
I wanted to invite you to the Facebook Group:
Maggie Lee…For Good
People committing to do one creative act of
kindness on October 29th (her 13th birthday)
The challenge was to get 1300 people and the group
exceeded that in about 24 hrs, so, someone else
suggested we try to get 13,000.

So, please join and spread the word if you’d like.

So even if you don’t know the Hensons, I want to encourage
you - if you are on facebook, to join this group. Because all
of us know someone who could use some kindness … and
from all I have read about Maggie Lee she’d be really honored
for you to show some kindness on her behalf.


Her life was too short but the impact of her life can be long!

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funny girl - Sep 4, 2009

Do you know our connection? Jinny and her brothers were Lane and Lara’s best friends growing up; her brother Brink was the best man in our wedding.

Also, Jinny was one of my brother Andrew’s “cool older friends”. When he was 15 she was 20, and she always treated him like a rock star. And of course, he loved her for it…Gorgeous blonde Baylor girl loves me!! When he died she wrote a poem that she recited at his funeral. It has been so hard for me to think that Jinny has now come to the point where she had to be the parent at the funeral of her own teenager. God prepares us…