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Goodbye summer ... Hello 70!

We leave today to head to Hot Springs, AR to enjoy a weekend on Lake Hamilton with my mom, dad, sister, her husband and MY NIECE. I haven’t seen her since Christmas. It’s a shame. A crying shame. A travesty.

But this weekend…oh, this weekend I’m planning on getting caught up on teaching my neice very important life lessons … like how to laugh and how to annoy her mother. Hee, hee, hee. I may even add brown sugar to all her baby food veggies and not tell her mom. She can spend the next few weeks trying to figure out why her baby will no longer eat her once loved meals. Or maybe I’ll just love on her.

AND!!!! We are celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday. She wears it well, I’ll tell you that. I am looking forward to hanging with my family, celebrating my mom … and relaxing on Lake Hamilton. Good times we are planning on having, goood times!

In unrelated news, Jacob lost his second tooth today. (you know … in case one day I find the time to write in his baby book … which I did find by the way)

And lastly, since Labor Day is somewhat of a goodbye to summer celebration … I saw this cute, cute idea and thought to myself…..“maybe my sister will make this while we’re at the lake this weekend.” Cause it’s pretty darn cute and my sister … well she actually makes the projects I just dream of doing.

Have a great weekend!!!

Labor Day Watermelon #

Labor Day is the perfect time to say farewell to Watermelon. So make it count: