Speaking of Medals …

Speaking of Medals …

Savannah wore her medal to school today.  I tried to convince her that it wasn’t a good idea (I didn’t stand a chance) but she convinced me that “everyone else on the team was wearing them” and so off she went … medal draped around her neck and all.  I was told they congratulated the team in the school’s morning announcements too so I think they have now officially milked their victory for all its worth.

But speaking of medals….someone else in our family won a few of them over the weekend.

Brittany had a meet which was hosted by a three time gold medal Olympian (Svetlana Boginskaya from Russia) and Oksana Chusovitina (33 year old athlete who competed in Beijing and is hoping for London). 

And they gave Brittany her medals.  All five of them.

She won gold in bars and came in second (silver) in the entire meet for her age division/level.

And on the way home she told me she had accomplished her goal of scoring at least a 9 in every event in the meet.

I didn’t even know she had set meet goals.
What I did know was that Brittany has a quiet determination that constantly amazes me.  Her coaches told her to be prepared to work hard when she joined this gym and I don’t think she has let them down.
She’s missed a lot of slumber parties, school events and more family dinners than I’d like to count … but she is accomplishing her goals … and for that, I am very, very proud.

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  1. Very proud! That is so awesome in a girl her age. That trait will serve her well in the years to come. I would love to see her compete someday. Would truly be an honor for me.

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