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Month: March 2010

And I came home to this …

And I came home to this …

Caroline and I got home at almost 1:00 in the morning and although I kissed some sweet sleeping heads, I didn’t see that Jacob had lost his second front tooth until breakfast this morning.

And I also noticed that he stood FLAT FOOTED on the floor and reached into the kitchen cabinet to get a cup.  And I said, I WAS ONLY GONE FOUR NIGHTS!!!!  HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED??!!??”.

The ice cream truck always cheers me up so this afternoon when he asked me after school if we could “please, PLEASE get ice cream today?!?”  …

well, I totally said “yes”.

And then I went and took a nap!

The End.

This really is big news …

This really is big news …

As I mentioned earlier this week, Caroline and I are leaving today for Los Angeles for a volleyball tournament.  Funny thing is, I thought it was a big deal if we drove across the river to North Little Rock for a football game back in my day.  Now we’re going across country.  Wow.  

Awfully glad Southwest Airlines is driving this carpool for me.

But that’s not the big news … this is:

I made dinner for my family to have when they get home tonight.

It’s true.

Now I know a lot of you are like … huh?  That’s not big news.  But let me assure you, it is for me.

I also know a lot of you have casseroles in your freezer for occasions such as this.  But I don’t.  Besides the fact that frozen casseroles gross me out, I have never, ever thought far enough ahead to actually do something like that.

It’s MINUTE BY MINUTE for me people.  

Literally, I’m doing good to run out of my house with my ticket and luggage … and if you think I’m kidding, I’m totally not.  

I have some pretty spectacular “I can’t believe I made it” airport stories including one last fall where I sent Bill a text saying “just landed in Dallas” while he was still on the phone with Southwest Airlines explaining that I was stuck in Houston traffic.  I literally sat down on my flight and we took off.  And believe me … if I had taken the time to let Bill know I made it … well I wouldn’t have made it.

So anyway … I wanted it recorded here for posterity, that on this day, March 25, 2009, I, Darla Baerg, made a meal for my family when I was leaving town.

After 19 1/2 years I might be starting to get the hang of this whole wife thing.

We’ll see.   It might just be a once in a lifetime thing.

Kind of like getting to take your daughter to California! 

Now if I can just remember my ticket and luggage!

Why is it …

Why is it …

That the funnest part of a trip for kids seems to always be the time in the hotel pool?

Our trip to San Antonio was no exception.

It didn’t matter to Savannah that I didn’t pack her a suit (or my pants!!!):

She swam in her clothes and it didn’t bother her a bit.

And the fact that there wasn’t a slide didn’t bother these two in the least, they made their own on the banister:

They really enjoyed the hot tub:

And today Jacob brought home his paper about what he did over Spring Break (I KNEW they’d have to write one!).  It said … “we had a family sleep ovr at 6 Flags and we went swimmwin.”
And now that Spring Break is over, we’re counting the days until we can go “swimmwin” all summer long!
Oh how she sparkles …

Oh how she sparkles …

Oh how she shines!

Today she turns 14, this sweet girl of mine.

It seems like only yesterday she was taking ballet …

But later this week, we’ll board a plane for LA … there is a volleyball tournament in which she can’t wait to play.

You are my first born and now you are taller than me …

But I love who you are becoming …

and pray you’ll be all God calls you to be!

Happy 14th Birthday!!!

I love you,


And on the 5th day …

And on the 5th day …

Mama said she had loaded and unloaded the dishwasher for the last time during Spring Break.

It was time to get out of Dodge.  
Head to the ranch.

Except that we don’t have a ranch.
So we went to San Antonio instead.

First stop, Fiesta Texas.

I think everyone in Texas who didn’t have a ranch to go to went to Fiesta Texas that day too.  3 hour waits for rides.  Crazy. 

The kids didn’t seem to mind and we took in a roller coaster or three (please note … we did not ride the one in the pic below.  Three loops were three too many for this gang).

One of the highlights of the trip for me was hearing Jacob sing (at the top of his lungs) “I Believe I Can Fly” while riding on the swings.  When I looked behind me he had his arms stretched out and was belting .. “I Believe I Can SOAR…”.    I loved it.

On Saturday we went to the Alamo. 

And winter returned to Texas.

And I have never wanted a Mexican blanket so much in all my life.  Even one of the poncho ones would have been fine …. anything to keep me warm!

For reasons I cannot explain, I packed pants for Brittany and Savannah and Bill packed pants for he and Jacob.  Caroline and I packed ourselves and we did not pack pants.

And it may take until mid July for me to completely thaw out.  

It was FREEZING.  Just look at how cold I look!!  There were shorts on those legs.  And flip flops on my feet.  People were wearing WINTER COATS and I had on flip flops.  It was not an “I believe I can fly” moment.  It was instead an “I believe I’m a fool” moment. 

We saw a movie about the history of the Alamo and walked through and learned about the battle, Davy Crockett … and a little about cactus.  Mostly that they are sharp.

Afterwards I wanted to find a store that sold Parkas, but instead we headed down to the riverwalk.  Lots of people were riding in the boats.  I was certain I would catch pneumonia if we did that!  Instead we just took a few pictures:

And then we ate at Casa del Rio … where I attempted to get warm.

Bill and I had eaten there years ago when we only needed a table for two … my how things have changed!

And now these guys will have a little adventure to write about when they head back to school … I just hope they leave out the part about their mom only packing shorts to wear!

They may look like they are laughing but it really wasn’t funny!!

Luck ‘o the Baergs …

Luck ‘o the Baergs …

I got pinched on St. Patricks Day.

I didn’t have any green on my pajamas and since I’m having trouble getting out of those before around oh, say .. NOON, I was a sitting target.

Savannah wore her “Shamrocks for Peace” shirt that we got last year in Savannah, GA and I made brownies.

Cute flower ones.

I had to make them because my kids accused me of buying pans and not using them … which is totally not true because remember when I made the heart cake for Valentines?!?  

Any who … here are my cute flower brownies on a stick held by a cute girl wearing green:

I copied the ones on the package and did the pink frosting and was oh so impressed with myself.  Until I found out the kids prefer them plain.  Then I packaged up the pink ones to give to a friend.
And we had plain ones…which are cute too, I think.

And the fact that I had an extra box of fudge brownie mix on hand … 

well, I call that just plain lucky!

The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog

As you know, the Baergs are on break.  We’ve been going and going so now we’re doing a little resting … or breaking.

Nothing too terribly exciting … we all went to Lifetime today and worked out and the kids did the rock climbing wall, a haircut or two, a closet cleaned … REAL exciting stuff.  I just hope no one has to write a paper when they get back about what they did over Spring Break.  It wouldn’t exactly be riveting reading, but it is relaxing.  

And we needed some relaxing.  Needed to catch up on a few things … like taking Savannah to see a movie that has been out since DECEMBER!  I told her we’d see “Princess and the Frog” in the theater but we just hadn’t found the right time to go.  I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I was to find that the movie was still showing at the dollar theater.   Not only did she get to see it in the theater, it was only $1.50!

She asked if Bill could take her since he was home this week and I thought that was a great idea.  Especially when I saw that she went and took out her ponytail (that she wears every single day) and fixed her hair into a new little hairstyle.  Very cute and sweet.

I wish I had taken a picture, but I was kinda busy.  Although I do have this picture of her last year with a princess:

You see, while Bill was on his “date” with Savannah I was home hosting Jacob’s first ever sleepover.  He was invited to a friends house but opted to have the friend come here after he informed me, “I’ve never done that before Mama”.  And far be it from me to push that sweet thing out into the world before he’s ready (insert smile) … so I was glad to have his friend Connor come here.

And I realized, once again, that I am still new to the “boy mom” gig.  (I have started trying to say “uniforms” instead of “outfits” now … just so you know).   Boy sleepovers are very different than the ones the girls have had … for example, Connor hadn’t been here five minutes before he and Jacob were boxing.

And having a very good time doing it.

When they finished approximately round 42 (and an unauthorized sack race which caused Connor’s pillowcase to rip!) I suggested we put in a movie to “settle down a little”.  A juice box and popcorn and they were ready to watch.

While they were watching a “boy movie”,  Bill sent me a text from the “girl” movie that said “having a good time with my Princess”.

And you know what?  

I was having a really good time with the frogs too.

Another year … another picture in the big red hat …

Another year … another picture in the big red hat …

Bill’s birthday was Friday  … 43! 

I spent the afternoon making him a marble cheesecake and Bill spent at least a portion of his lunch hour at a Houston Aeros Hockey team promotion.  Somehow he won tickets to the game Friday night so we postponed our traditional Benihana birthday dinner until Saturday.  The kids and I had never been to a hockey game before and I had no idea they were so brutal.  It was like world wide wrestling on ice.  Yikes!

Benihana was worth the wait though and Saturday night we enjoyed celebrating Bill. 

And the best news is that he has this entire week off for Spring Break so we all get the gift of having him home for the week!!!  Can’t wait!!

Happy Spring Break!
We dashed like armadillos ….

We dashed like armadillos ….

My roommate my freshman year of college nicknamed me Arma because my last name was Dillahunty and she thought “Arma” Dillahunty was hilarious.  Even though we haven’t talked in years if I called her today and said … “It’s Darla, I KNOW she would say … ARMA?”

Pretty much everyone else at Baylor called me Dilla.  My friend Laura who was my friend at Baylor and now in Houston calls me Dilla to this day.  Not sure I’ve ever heard her call me Darla … I almost think it would sound funny if she did.

So, when my friend Katie called and said we need to run the Armadillo Dash in College Station, I kind of had to say yes.  It was my destiny.  Actually I had to go because my forever friends were all going and I couldn’t miss it.  (I must say I am still not sure why a girls weekend revolved around a running event but it got us all together … and that is what mattered!)

KATIE ran the HALF marathon.  Props to her.  It was her personal record for time and the rest of us cheered her on.  Beth and I opted for the 5K which was fun, fun, fun to run together (despite the fact that twice when I told Beth it was time to pass someone in front of us, she sped off like some kind of roadrunner and I had to call her back … because this ARMA-DILLA doesn’t really dash!).  This was our post race picture:

Katie got a medal.  Beth and I didn’t get anything … except I kind of got this stuffed armadillo:

I say “kind of” because I might have accidentally stolen it.  I was asking if I could get a t-shirt and the worker said … “would you like an armadillo” and honestly … how could I turn THAT down?….so I said “yes” and she handed it to me.  I said “thank you” and walked off. 

Later, when my friend Beth asked for one they told her they were $1.  The only thing I could think to say was “oops”.  But I really did think she gave it to me.  I hope so anyway … otherwise I owe someone, somewhere in College Station, $1.

Beth and I had some laughs along the route, including when we ran across this finish line and I almost tripped because I was trying so hard to find our two friends in the crowd who were cheering us on.  

I now know the difference that training for a half-marathon makes.  If you remember, when I ran the Houston half in January, I forgot (didn’t make time) to train.  And for the rest of the day of the race and the next, I was sore.  Very sore.  Mostly my knees.  I can assure you I didn’t walk around much … or go play Laser Tag.   That would have been foolish (impossible).

But Katie trained and so we went and played Laser Tag.  And, in spite of the fact that some VERY ill mannered little boys kept calling us OLD LADIES, we had a very good time.  And I’m pretty sure Sharon told those boys not to sass “old” ladies again.  If she did, I have a feeling they won’t.  

We had SUCH a good time being together.  Stephanie was an incredible hostess.  I had to leave early Monday morning for a speaking engagement in San Antonio and she got up with me and made me a little breakfast to-go bag.  Her husband and children were SO sweet and gracious to let us take over their house for the weekend.  Sophie and Olivia, Stephanie’s daughters, are the ones who convinced us to go to Laser Tag:

Trust me … we made ourselves right at home in their home and in their rooms.

We did leave them alone on Sunday night and went out for a post race “hoo ha” as we called it.

And we laughed and we laughed.

And we started lots of of sentences with the words … “remember the time …”.

And once again we were reminded that, to borrow a line from Michael W. Smith, …

“a lifetime is not too long … to live as friends.”

Especially these friends.  

I miss you all already!

It’s almost like I forgot I had a blog …

It’s almost like I forgot I had a blog …

It’s been exactly one week since I posted a blog.  It was unintentional.  It’s like Spring Break happened a week early around here!  I got back from the Tyler, College Station and San Antonio trip Monday night and have spent the rest of the week recovering.

OK, who am I kidding?! … The trip was easier to recover from than this:

Jacob lost his top front tooth.  And after the hillbilly phase with one tooth missing, then it’s the cute … “needing your two front teeth” phase and then it’s BIG teeth.  And your baby changes right before your eyes.

I had barely recovered from the tooth losing trauma before I spent an entire morning searching through pictures of Brittany from Pre-K (when she had all her teeth) to now where she looks so grown up.  The pictures are for Brittany’s 5th grade graduation DVD.  When I took the baggie with her pictures up to the school, the picture on the top was of Brittany in her “adios Pre-K” t-shirt and when I showed it to one of my friends at the school SHE started crying saying … “that is so sad … she was so little and now she is so big.” 

I think, due to all the stress of wondering “WHERE DID MY BABIES GO?!?!”, I became unable to form a complete thought … or post a blog.

 And then last night, as if to add insult to injury, Caroline asked me when we could start looking at colleges.

The only thing I could think to do was to poke my fingers in my ears and chant … ” LALALALALA …. I can’t hear you … I can’t hear you”.

The good news is that we’ve been wondering what to do for Spring Break and now Bill thinks we should go to Nashville and show the kids Vanderbilt (where we both went to graduate school).  When we mentioned it this morning Caroline said … “that sounds great …. I’ve never been to Tennessee.  Do they have beaches there?”

And I thought … “that’s funny … I think I’ll go write a blog.”