Luck ‘o the Baergs …

Luck ‘o the Baergs …

I got pinched on St. Patricks Day.

I didn’t have any green on my pajamas and since I’m having trouble getting out of those before around oh, say .. NOON, I was a sitting target.

Savannah wore her “Shamrocks for Peace” shirt that we got last year in Savannah, GA and I made brownies.

Cute flower ones.

I had to make them because my kids accused me of buying pans and not using them … which is totally not true because remember when I made the heart cake for Valentines?!?  

Any who … here are my cute flower brownies on a stick held by a cute girl wearing green:

I copied the ones on the package and did the pink frosting and was oh so impressed with myself.  Until I found out the kids prefer them plain.  Then I packaged up the pink ones to give to a friend.
And we had plain ones…which are cute too, I think.

And the fact that I had an extra box of fudge brownie mix on hand … 

well, I call that just plain lucky!


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