Oh how she sparkles …

Oh how she sparkles …

Oh how she shines!

Today she turns 14, this sweet girl of mine.

It seems like only yesterday she was taking ballet …

But later this week, we’ll board a plane for LA … there is a volleyball tournament in which she can’t wait to play.

You are my first born and now you are taller than me …

But I love who you are becoming …

and pray you’ll be all God calls you to be!

Happy 14th Birthday!!!

I love you,



3 thoughts on “Oh how she sparkles …

  1. Oh my goodness! I almost cried when I saw the ballet picture! Can I pretend it's my birthday when I come down so I can get a cool star cake like Caro?

  2. Happy Birthday to Caroline! What a wonderful tribute, Mom. She looks so much like you and I'm sure she shares the best traits of you and Bill.

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