A few of my favorite things …

A few of my favorite things …

One of the latest joys of my life is pitching balls to my son in the front yard.

Savannah took this picture (taken as I was coming in from a run) and thought it was SO funny that she caught him swinging at a pink ball.  That poor boy can’t catch a break in his house full of females.
But truly, for hours and hours he can swing at balls …
His favorite is hitting them over the roof!
Eventually he starts acting crazy and we have to call it a day …

But the good news is that, the last few days, we’ve been able to come in and have these:

I made cake balls … and they’ve been a big hit.
Bill even said … “these are REALLY good” but he kind of acted surprised … which cracked me up.
The only “trick” was that you were supposed to add vegetable oil to the almond bark when you melted it.  

I forgot that part (would have seemed weird if it all just went perfectly for me now wouldn’t it?!).

They still tasted good … and that’s what matters!

Jacob has told me he’s gonna hit a homerun in tonight’s game.

Either way he can have a cake ball when he gets home!


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