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Happy Mother's Day ...

Happy, Happy Mother’s Day!

If you are a mom, I think this will make you chuckle .. .

Made me laugh anyway.  Especially when the kids yelled … “CALL 9-1-1” because you know I can totally relate.

Anyway … a special “Happy Mother’s Day” wish to my own mom too.  I consider it a blessing to be her child.  She has taught me about faith and fun …. and even flexibility.

I once “forgot” to mention to her that my friend Kim Eberdt and I had sold tickets in our neighborhood for people to come to my backyard for a carnival.  We were donating all the proceeds to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital … we just forgot to tell my mom … until about 15 minutes before everyone was to show up.

I don’t think I thought much about it at the time but she later told me she had a decision to make right then … get upset or get inside and start making some snacks.  I guess she had a cantaloupe and a melon baller handy because in no time flat there was a pretty bowl of fruit sitting out to greet our guests.

Good lesson for all of us moms … don’t freak.

I’m glad mine didn’t and I’m glad she is my mom.

Love you mom!!!