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I bet you didn’t know I was married to a movie star.

I bet you didn’t know I was married to a movie star.

It’s true.

Bill Baerg …  aka movie star.

I hadn’t thought about it in YEARS, but tonight I had a great big ole’ laugh about it.

This is how I had spent my day:

Noon – take Brittany to Meet of Champs swim practice at the natatorium
2:00 – take Brittany to the gym for her gymnastics workout
5:30 – pick up Brittany from her 3 1/2 hour workout
6:00 – take Brittany to her one hour basketball game

Now, I’m not sure about Brittany, but I was exhausted.  And that meant I wasn’t cooking dinner.  You understand, I’m sure.  It’s tiring driving her everywhere.  🙂

So we went out to eat afterwards with some of her teammates and I had such a good time.  Someone mentioned (and I have no idea why) that “Tin Cup” was one of their favorite movies.  And I said … “BILL IS IN THAT MOVIE.”

Oh yes he is.

And he did real acting.

You can see for yourself.  In one scene he throws down his hands in disgust and in another just shakes his head.

That is ACTING people and he got paid for it.

The night we went to the opening he wore sunglasses home from the premiere.  I almost rolled out of the car laughing.

Bill is in the clip below.  You will see him at 3:10 and 4:42.  He’s the big, tall guy (duh) on the left side of the screen in a red shirt with a yellow baseball hat. The clip at 3:10 practically pans right to Bill.  He’s the last guy in the crowd.  The director picked him for that spot.  Probably because he’s so cute.  At 4:43 he looks straight at the camera.  I’m telling ya, it’s good stuff.

He told me he wore that outfit so I could find him in the movie.  I’ve called him the “man with the yellow hat” ever since.

And find him I did.

I HOWLED in the theater.  HOWLED when he threw down his hands in disgust at Kevin Costner’s shot.  It was hysterical.

I think he should have demanded more than the $52.31 they paid him.

He. did. real. acting.

Plus, it wasn’t his first movie.

Are you ready for this …

Ice Castles

He was in “Ice Castles” too.

Yep, 1978.

They filmed it in Minnesota.

PLEASE ask him to demonstrate what he did in the movie the next time you see him.  I promise that you will laugh.  He is in this scene, but I don’t think you will find him.

Just so you know, he was asked to be in Oliver Stone’s “JFK” too.  He went to the “grassy knoll” in Dallas and they told him he would be driving a motorcycle in the motorcade.  At the last minute they said … “you do have a motorcycle license, right?” And sadly, he did not.  But I think it counts that he was cast for the movie, don’t you?

My friends were so shocked that Bill was so, you know … famous.  One friend said … “I only knew him as bus ridin’ Bill”.

My other friend said … “I knew he was something when I turned on my TV at my office and saw Bill ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange” (yes, that was good stuff too).

Anyway … after “Tin Cup”, Bill bought me the “tin cup” necklace like the one Rene Russo wore in the movie.  They were popular at the time and I’m pretty sure he spent his entire “tin cup” paycheck on it.

I loved that necklace.  And I love being Bill’s wife.

It’s kind of like being in the movies.

I’ve written a lot of good posts in my head …

I’ve written a lot of good posts in my head …

Of course, when it gets quiet at night and I sit down at the computer, I can’t remember a single word of them.

But trust me … I wrote some posts in my head.  

They were good ones.  🙂

Summer has been in full swing with lots of time given to swim team over the last couple of weeks.

Jacob’s favorite part was hitting the concession stand after he swam.  One night someone even let him “work” there.  As payment, they let him pick one thing out and he got me a pack of “M and M’s” and said “mom, I know you like chocolate so I got you these.”  Pure sweetness.  He did turn around as he walked off and said … “you won’t mind sharing a few with me will ya?”

Of course not.

This child (Brittany) made the Meet of Champs.  Although the other kids finished last week she has had more practices this week.

Last night we had the end of the season party.  If you have some ideas for me on what to do with all these trophies, let me know.  As it is, we are at capacity with these things!

We’ll spend Saturday and Sunday afternoon cheering for Brittany.  As soon as she is finished we will head to family camp (WOOT!) or as my kids like to call it … “the best week of summer”.

And for me … when someone else is planning and cooking for my family for an entire week … that is some kind of vacation!  And it’s good news for my kids as well, I think they might be missing the school lunch lady.

She doesn’t live here.

The title of Dad

The title of Dad

Our pastor shared a sweet story today about bringing his young son to his office one day.  He was looking around and saw his dad’s business cards on his desk and asked what they were.

“Business cards.”

“What do you do with them?”

“I leave them if I’m visiting someone and they aren’t at home or if they are sleeping in the hospital.  It lets people know who I am and that I have been there.”  

Nothing more was said and his son began to color at another table.  A little while later his son brought his dad one of the business cards.  The title of pastor had been marked out and in red crayon off to the side were big letters where his son had written “DAD”. 

His son said … “NOW people will know who you are.”  

I am so fortunate because my own dad and my children’s dad both had “DAD” written on their business cards … not for anyone to see, but it was there.  I know it was there because my dad demonstrated it to me with his time and my husband to our kids.

My dad at times taught college until late at night and then came home and “tutored” me in math.  It had to be frustrating because, to this day, I still don’t understand any real world use for geometry or algebra.  
None at all.  
I also remember my first day of high school I got sick early in the day.  It was my dads first day too but he came and picked me up … and I’m sure it was tricky to make that happen.  
In much the same way, Bill often works long days and long nights.  But if his kids need him, he is there.  He “tutors” Caroline in math but the record should reflect that she “gets it”.  
My apologies to my own dad!

Anyway … today we went to PAPPAsito’s for lunch (emphasis on Papa, get it!?).  They used to give out coffee mugs for Father’s Day and Bill was amassing quite the collection.  I guess the economy has stopped that, but they did take this picture and gave us a copy:

The restaurant was holding a coloring contest where you colored a picture and put your name and phone number on it.  They will be choosing a winner and that person will get their name on the restaurant marquis.  Savannah totally wants to win.  Unfortunately some water spilled on her “masterpiece” and so after we had eaten she asked if she could go back outside (did I mention it is sweltering here?!?).  
Since I had dropped Caroline off for church camp we were in two cars.  Bill (patiently) sat outside (in the heat) while Savannah finished her second picture.  I told him he could go … it was Father’s Day and it was hot.  He said … “no, I’ll stay.”  And Savannah said …. “yeah, because he’s awesome.”  
And I couldn’t agree more.

About Bill or my dad.

Happy Father’s Day to two men who put dad on their business card!

I think you both are awesome! 

"A Father's Love
A father is respected because
he gives his children leadership...
appreciated because
he gives his children care...
valued because
he gives his children time...
loved because
he gives his children the one thing
they treasure most - himself.

The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him.
Proverbs 20:7 NKJV
Praise Y’all the Lord!

Praise Y’all the Lord!

We just finished the final day of Vacation Bible School.  I think it might have been my favorite VBS yet.  The theme was “Saddle Ridge Ranch” which was fun.  In the opening worship rally, our worship leader sported a mullet wig every day and sang with a twang songs like “Praise Y’all the Lord”. 


He said he wanted to use his own (cowboy) vernacular.  The kids (ok … and me) thought it was hilarious.

One of the great things about VBS is that the kids and I all made it each morning on time without much of a problem at all.  That’s really saying something for us!  This was helped by the fact that I discovered this week that my children don’t need me to make breakfast for them anymore.  Brittany made sure everyone got fed each morning and you have no idea how I wish I would have discovered this little fact during the school year!!

The only “hitch” came on Wednesday when we were driving to VBS and Savannah said “I’m hungry”.  I said … “Didn’t you eat breakfast?!”  And she said “no, I was brushing my hair”.  She had some apples in her lunchbox so she ate a few slices and that, and the VBS snack bag of “Sun Chips”, was her breakfast of champions that day.

Don’t judge me.

Anyway … two of my favorite moments of VBS came during the worship rally.  Our church has a ministry for special needs kids called Tallowood Treasures and each morning when we sang one boy from the Treasures class began to rock back and forth with the beat of the music.  When the music stopped, he stopped.  When it was going, he was rocking.  And I loved that music moved him.  Another boy SMILED SO BIG while we sang.  

Today, another Tallowood Treasure (who is the daughter of a friend of mine) held the Bible during the pledge.   She has had a rough patch lately and to see her up there holding God’s word in her hands was such a gift to my heart.  And I was also glad her mom was getting a break!

The week ended with a big family fun night tonight followed by a musical.  The kids did horseshoes:

Rode a “bucking broncos”:

And Jacob even rode a mechanical bull.  There are no pictures of that however because I momentarily lost the friend of Savannah’s that we brought with us for the week.  Luckily I found her because she and Savannah performed in the VBS musical to finish the night.

If you are looking for her (ie grandparents!) … Savannah is on the top row, second from the left in the top picture.  She is on the right in the picture below in the first cluster of three girls.

Anyway … it was a wonderful (and exhausting) week.  I didn’t mention this, but last weekend 6 Baergs were in 4 states throughout the weekend.  2 of us were in Missouri, 2 were in Arkansas, 1 was in California and 1 was in Texas.  We all arrived back to our house within an hour of each other … and it was an hour very close to midnight.  Then Monday night was a late swim meet which means … no rest for the weary.  We had another meet last night so the kids and their mama and about to “hit the hay”. 

That’s just a little more cowboy vernacular for ya!
Hilltop Babies …

Hilltop Babies …

There have only been two occasions that the Hilltop Honeys (you can read our story here) invited anyone to join us at the sacred spot of Hilltop Resort.  One year we took our husbands and kids (when 3 of us only had one child each!).  A couple of years later we left the husbands at home and just took the kids.  

On those occasions, we had dreams that our kids would one day grow up and be friends. 

They were so cute together (from left:  Sarah Slover, Emily Wilson, Caroline, Steven Rountree and Seth Slover):

Then we blinked and they grew up.

AND, lo and behold, they ARE friends!!

I know that because last week four of them went to camp together and Seth joined them for pick up.

The four that went to camp are all born within 7 months of each other … and AREN’T THEY ALL STILL SO CUTE?!?!

They went from this:

To this:

And from this:

To this:

And I could not be any happier about it.

Well, happy about them being friends.

I am not at all happy however that what seemed like 15 minutes passed since we put them on this slide and took their picture!

They are in trouble for that!

Darla Story – Dance Recital Edition

Darla Story – Dance Recital Edition

Last week was a doozie!

School ended on Wednesday and Thursday morning at 10:45 we had to be at a LONG dance recital dress rehearsal.

And I arrived at 10:45 on the dot.

Savannah’s hair was done.  Her tights were on.  Her costumes were ready to go.

And there was no one there.

Not a single person.

We were at the Stratford High School auditorium.
That’s Stratford with a “t”.

Turns out the recital was at the Stafford Center auditorium.
Stafford with an “f”.
Stafford is a town in Texas.  It’s not in Houston.  Mind you, it’s not far … 15 or 20 minutes … but you have to take the beltway to another freeway, etc.  

It’s not down the street is what I’m sayin’.

It was no fault of the dance studio that I went to the wrong location as I found no less than three sheets of paper AFTER the fact that all said … STAFFORD Center.  
With an “f”.

I just didn’t think I needed to read the papers since I have been to my fair share of dance rehearsal practices.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When I called Caroline to tell her of the mistake, her comment was … “MOM, why does this stuff always happen to YOU?!”

When we pulled into the STAFFORD Center I heard Savannah in the back seat saying … “Stratford … Stafford, Stratford … Stafford”.  

I said … “you can see how I made the mistake, right?”

And in her flat, dead pan way she said … “not really.”

When I got there a friend asked me if I was in tears when I realized my mistake.

Again, not really.

Honestly I thought it was hilarious.

And from now on I’m going to read the notes they send home!

Here are a few more pics of my dancer:

Bravo Sav!  You looked beautiful!

What Lady Gaga and I have in common …

What Lady Gaga and I have in common …

It might be summer but there is still a lot going on at the Baerg house.  There is a Lady Gaga/Beyonce song playing on the radio and one of the lines says … “I feel like I live in Grand Central Station”.  

I totally know how Lady Gaga feels.

I’m pretty sure that is the ONLY thing Lady Gaga and I have in common.

It was just a week ago today we came home from the lake in Arkansas.  Besides getting Brittany graduated, we celebrated the last day of school.  All the 5th graders get to run down Brittmore Dr. (the event is called “Boogie Down Brittmore”)

while everyone else throws water balloons.

Lots of water balloon throwers:

They run to the pool at the end of the street. SUCH a fun tradition.

They have lunch:

and really just enjoy remembering the good ole’ days of elementary school!

Since the last day of school we’ve also had a dance recital, a swim meet, Brittany and Bill went on an Indian Princess “campout” to the lake.  Please interpret “campout” loosely … they were in a house and had a bed!  I drove Caroline to Dallas to spend the night and go with some friends to Missouri to camp the next day.  Brittany is now in Galveston on a church trip with a friend.  Jacob is doing a nature “bug” camp and Savannah is doing an art camp.  Throw in a couple of piano lessons, taekwondo, some VBS prep, and daily swim practice and it feels like … well, Grand Central Station.

The next line in the song goes:

Tonight I’m not takin’ no calls cuz I’ll be dancin’.

And I’ll tell you this … if I was the one writing the song I’d have to change the line to …

“Tonight I’m not takin’ no calls cuz I’ll be SNOOZIN'”!!

Good night!
The bright side

The bright side

Caroline left for camp this week and I called her today as she was on her way to let her know about Looper.

She asked me if I cried and I said “yes”. 

There was a pause and then … with some hope and expectation mixed into her voice, she said … “so, started thinking of any puppy names yet?”

I scolded her on her lack of sensitivity to which she responded … “MOM, you always said to look on the bright side of things!”

I guess.

But we’re not getting a puppy.  Not for awhile anyway.  This mamas heart has to recover from a big ole Golden Retriever sitting on top of it for over 15 years. 

Then we’ll talk.

In other cheery news, a friend brought me a cupcake yesterday from a store in Houston called Crave.  It was iced lemon and it was DELICIOUS. 

SO good. 

Like all I can think about kind of good.

Guess that is why they named the store Crave.

I asked the kids to make a “bucket list” of things they would like to do this summer.  I secretly snuck a field trip to Crave into the bucket.

Maybe they’ll choose it tomorrow.

I might even eat two of them!

And that, my friends, is called looking at the bright side!
Those dang peanut butter crusts …

Those dang peanut butter crusts …

A few weeks ago I wrote about Bill and I’s life with Looper.

My first baby.

As Bill says … she was the “Forest Gump” in our lives … meaning she was there for every important event of our lives together since December of 1995.

This morning we said goodbye to our sweet Loop.

It was time.  The last month or more feeding Looper was tricky.  

No dog food for her.

All those chicken breasts I had to cook came in handy, pancakes, peanut butter sandwiches … and when Bill realized he had just gone through a drive thru to order 2 cheeseburgers for the dog?!? … I kinda knew then her days were numbered.

She enjoyed those McDonalds burgers though …. she really did.  🙂

On Saturday I barely got her to eat and Sunday … nothing. 

And I knew.  

I knew it was the “compassionate” thing.  I knew she was tired. I knew it was the right thing.

It was a decision we didn’t want to have to make, but we needed to do it.

And Bill and I went this morning.  I loved on her and cried.  I think the poor little grim reaper of a vet’s assistant felt really badly – I think I might have been more than he was anticipating for his summer job.  
We didn’t stay.  I couldn’t.

And I did just fine when we got home.  Just fine all morning in fact.  I KNOW it was the right thing.  I do.  Probably should have done it sooner.

Seeing her dog food bowls was o.k.  Thinking I saw her walk up to the back door and almost telling the children to let her in was fine too.

But when Jacob ate his peanut butter sandwich for lunch and left the crust just like he always does?

Well, that did me in.

Looper always ate Jacob’s crusts.


And it hurt so much that she wasn’t there to give them to her.

Still does.

I’ll miss you forever Loop.
Brittany Anne …

Brittany Anne …

Two weeks ago Brittany was graduating from kindergarten.
At least it seemed like two weeks ago.

Especially as I looked at her last night at her 5th grade graduation.

So hard to believe my number two baby is heading to middle school.
No more art car parades …

No more “Go Texan” days …

No more field days …

Nope … my baby grew up.

She got her diploma.

The theme was “Reach for the Stars” and the last astronaut to walk on the moon was the speaker.  It was great!

We all cheered Brittany on …

Some of us cheering better …

than others …

Just kidding!

I think all of us would agree …

you are a very special person Brittany.  As one mom told me today … “you are comfortable in your own skin.”  Your daddy and I are so very proud of who you are and the decisions you make. 

It honestly doesn’t seem that long ago that you bid “Adios” to Pre-k year at Rummel Creek …

and now you are bidding “Adios” to Rummel Creek for good.

And you are as sweet now as you were back then.

Congrats precious Brittany and best of luck as you “shoot, not just for the stars … but past them”.