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Backwards and Forwards ...

When I checked this morning I saw that I had posted a whopping four times over the last month.


You know what that means, right?

It means we’ve been living a lot of life … so much life that I never had time to write about it.

Although New Years Eve is often a time of retrospection about the past year I thought I’d just go over the last month….seeing how I’m behind and all.  I will leave the introspection about the future for tomorrow.

For starters, there were programs.  Jacob and Savannah sang in the Children’s Christmas program at church.

Then … the highlight of the school year for 4th graders at our elementary school is when they perform the Nutcracker for the parents and students.  It is a big deal and they work on it the entire fall.  It is so well done and fun to watch.  Savannah, like her sister Brittany before her, was a flower.

We put up a bit of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree …

Brittany and I made pan after pan of these:

In retrospect, I don’t think they turned out very well.  And I cannot say if we will ever attempt it again.  They were from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and I may not be enough of a pioneer to pull these off.  Brittany and I enjoyed a lot of time in the kitchen though!

We enjoyed the taste tasting too …  :)

Bill took the Jacob and Savannah to see Santa and a 3-D Christmas light display one night:

The next night a snow hill was added there so we went back with our friends the Browns and Lackeys.  Snow Hills in Houston!!

It was “snow” fun!

After the snow, we went back to the Browns house for our annual Christmas pageant.  It almost didn’t happen as the kids are getting older but Jacob pleaded his case before Tommy Brown that he deserved to be Jesus in this years rendition … as so it was accomplished in those days that Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem and Jesus came along too (it was a bit of a different version) …

And just like in years past, there were angels and a star …

And we always have lots of shepherds …

And this is where Jesus went a little crazy …  :).  I think Jacob enjoyed being in the limelight.  Or maybe he was rejoicing with the angels.  Whatever it was, we all had a good time.

The next day was Christmas Eve which means Christmas Eve service.

After church we went to Olive Garden for dinner and it poured down rain.  When we got home Savannah wanted to make cookies for Santa.  She ended up cutting out each individual letter by hand.

She worked very hard and ended up with these …

Christmas morning we slept until 10:00 (I LOVE MY KIDS!!!) and awoke to find Santa had answered Savannah’s request and brought a hamster.  The Baergs, once again, have a live animal to take care of.

We all enjoyed the day …

Oh, and there were stockings.  The funny thing about the stockings were that at my moms house they have similar stockings only with their names on them.  Bill’s mom has stockings with their names on them too.  When Jacob saw that our stockings had no names on them, he was heartbroken.  So, we made names for them.  I loved them!

It was good.  Very good.

Afterwards, I made Christmas dinner complete with my first ever cheese grits (turned out fab!).  We even used our Christmas china.

It was our very last Christmas in this house.  We would have loved to have had or been with family but it didn’t happen this year.  But truly, we enjoyed the day.  We stayed in our PJ’s and played and slept and relaxed.

And late Christmas night Bill took the girls over to the new house …

Merry Christmas to us all!

And, speaking of the new house … on the 27th, demolition started.  It is crazy to go over there now and see how it looks!  We’ve spent much of the last week buying appliances, picking tile, looking at front doors … the list is endless.

On this New Years Eve we have much for which to be thankful.  We are excited about 2011 and all the changes it will bring for our family and grateful for all the Lord has done for us.

Happy New Year to you all!