“I have a dream!”

“I have a dream!”

That one day my home will once again look like a home!
Right now it’s a little scary.   

There are holes in the walls.
And holes in the ceiling …

The bathrooms are totally gone …

There is no turning back.
The good news is that our house has all new plumbing.

And all new electrical.

And piers added to the foundation.

And now it’s time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Please, come in and take a look at things so far …

For starters, the wall between the dining room and den was cut out. 

There is no floor in the den and, remember that little wet bar?  … it’s part of the master bathroom now.

The kitchen has been opened up and this wall was knocked down:

 So it feels a lot more open.

Caroline’s wallpaper is gone …

And you cannot begin to know how cool Jacob thought it was that someone had set a toilet in his room. 

The good news is that … even though the house is completely ripped apart, we did take the first load over to the new house today!  My parents are in town and since Bill had the day off for Martin Luther King Day, we really buckled down and began working on packing, etc.  The first thing on the agenda was to dismantle the trampoline and move it.
Later in the day the attic was blown with new insulation and Bill and my dad began the process of flooring the attic.  I am so curious about how the owners lived there for 48 years with 6 kids and never floored the attic!  I do know they had stuff up there sitting across the rafters, but I am super excited to have a floor! 
So thankful for my parents help (aren’t they cute!?).

And, should our home not be ready by the time we have to move in … we call always pull a Swiss Family Robinson and live in the tree in our front yard.  The kids have it all figured out …

I’m holding on to the dream that before too long there will be more than a shell of a house.  I’ll let you know!


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