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Guess where I am?!

Sitting in my new house!

Notice I said “sitting” … not “living”.

We have pushed back the move date several times.  Funny thing is that we didn’t delay the shutting off of our utilities, etc.  This means that:

*Last Tuesday morning … just as I was starting to dry my hair, our electricity was shut off.  After one night in the dark (memories of the hurricane flooded back!), we had our service re-activated.

*Wednesday morning our TV, phone and internet were shut off and activated at the new house.

Since really all I have had time to do is pack boxes I now have 1,372 emails to read and I haven’t posted a blog in a week.  But trust me … I have gotten a LOT done.  Bill and I are trying to figure out how to not let the kids know we have TV in the new house because we LOVE our TV/Computer game free home.

I’ll be thinking about how to do that while I pack the remaining 742 boxes give or take 300.

Soon and very soon we should be moved and it will all be worth it … right?!


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Shona Cole - Mar 4, 2011

at least you are getting closer. how fun though, a new place to make your own. thanks for keeping us updated. And wonderful news on Savannah being baptized!!!

Jess - Apr 0, 2011

Have fun moving.. Yes its always alot of work but so worth it once your settled in. I too am in the process of packing up all my things and moving on the 15th! Enjoy the journey.. I always love finding all the things I forgot I had when Im packing. Memory lane here I go!