Because exactly two of you asked. :)

Because exactly two of you asked. :)

The blog is back!
The blog was felled by a move, a remodel and several retreat weekends in a row where I was speaking. 

I had decided the blog could wait.  
The blog had to wait.
Then I decided the blog could die because no one really read it and I could remember the things I wanted to remember without writing them down (that is HILARIOUS that I thought that because I can’t remember much of anything right now). 

But yesterday when I was dropping off Savannah at her piano lesson a mom/friend who I rarely see told me she enjoyed chuckling at the blog and that laughter was just what she needed during a stressful day at work.  


It’s a hobby of mine.  

(I’ve heard it uses up calories too which means I should be laughing more … tell me something funny people!!!).

Then at the bus stop this morning my new neighbor (whom I love!) asked me when I was going to post again and right then and there I thought … well, today … today I am going to post.

And truth be told, this whole remodeling thing has felt VERY lonely.  VERY.  I think in part because I was used to going to see college students two days a week, played tennis sometimes and saw friends more regularly.  I need social time and as social as it has gotten  (other than the retreats which were wonderfully refreshing for me) … is talking to Marty the carpenter and Solomon the contractor.  
Every day I talk to them.  We joke and laugh and sometimes it’s stressful.  I know many of the workers at the Great Indoors and several at Lowe’s.  

These are now my people.  

I even took their picture the other day … I always tell them they are my first dinner guests!

But I miss my old friends.  I missed the blog.  And so here we go again.

Tomorrow I will show you the first before and after of the house.

And there will be some stories.

And I hope we’ll laugh a lot.

It’s good to be back.


6 thoughts on “Because exactly two of you asked. :)

  1. I am glad you are back too. I have you in my google reader, so I read everything you post, even though I rarely comment! Can't wait to see new house pictures! 🙂

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