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I'm still here ...

With the exception of the night that Osama bin Laden was killed, we haven’t watched TV at our house since before we moved.  It wasn’t really in the plan to not watch TV … although I must admit that I LOVE that my children are outside a lot more … it just kind of happened.  We bought a new TV to go over the fireplace but it is still in the box as the family room isn’t quite finished.

Proving that they haven’t kicked the TV addiction fully, one weekend I was speaking at a retreat in Galveston and Bill brought the kids down for one night to play on the beach and hang out at the San Luis Hotel.

They enjoyed the beach but THE SECOND they got into the hotel room they yelled … TV!!!  Disney Channel!!!! and promptly became glued to it.

Then the other night I found my kids sitting on our porch.  I asked them what they were doing and they said they were watching the TV in the house across the street.  It seemed a little bit like the days when only certain families had TV’s and I kind of liked it.

All that to say … our only real news has been from the internet.  And you almost didn’t even need that this week to know about the guy who had predicted the end of the world on May 22.  Of course it came and went without so much as a blip but there was lots of talk about it.  I thought the billboard that said … “That was awkward” followed by Matthew 24:36 … “no one knows the day or the hour” was funny.  It WAS awkward because one day He is coming back, but not even Jesus knows when that will be.

I thought, jokingly, after the date passed about saying … “Good, I’ve got more time to pack now” but all joking aside … it’s a good question to ask … “are you packed?".  The only thing you need in your suitcase is your faith.  Believing in Him and that He died for your sins will assure you that you have what you need when you get to your destination.

And, I know we long to hear him say … “well done, my good and faithful servant … well done”.

So, pack your bags.

Moving on …

Quick “announcement”.  I know many of you that read this blog are friends of mine on facebook, but for those of you who aren’t … I wanted you to know that in addition to my website, I now have a facebook page.  Just type in Darla Baerg in the facebook search bar and it will come up.  My sister made the page (seriously, does anyone think I would know how to do that?!?!).  At first it felt a little awkward to “promote” myself but this is what I finally decided …

I know I honor the Lord when I speak.  I know I use the gifts and talents He has given me.  I want to hear Him say “well done”.  Speaking to and encouraging women gets me so excited I can hardly stand it.  It is my ministry and I want to do it well.  And if I was going to, let’s say, go to the mission field, I wouldn’t just go, hoping I found the right place, … I’d apply and write letters and find an organization to send me.  And my mission field is here … with women … and if a facebook page or a website helps then I don’t want to be opposed to it.  I would be so honored if you passed it along to your church … I love knowing someone in the audience!!

So there you have it.

Last thing ..  my friend Debbie Bertrand has a blog.  She wrote the other day about the list of names in the Bible.  You know the ones you usually skip over or skim … and surely you have wondered why they are there.   And I loved her perspective that she shared.  You can read it here.  SO good.  We do all have a story to tell.

That is all.  Hope you have a great week!