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Camper Call

Last Sunday we dropped off Jacob, Brittany and Savannah in Tyler at Pine Cove camp.  Jacob and Savannah are at Towers:

and Brittany is at Ranch:

It was Jacob’s first year at camp and his buddy Josh went too.  They opted for side by side top bunks.

Big boys off for their swim test:

Savannah had two friends from school who she was sharing a cabin with:

I got a letter from Savannah that said … “My new friends are SOOO nice.  They are like sisters”.  That just screams Savannah.  Brittany sent a letter said how nice the girls in her cabin were too.  Jacob … well, I haven’t heard a word from that boy.  :)

Caroline has been here all week with high school “two a days” for volleyball.  All the driving has only made me more excited for her 16th birthday to approach.  It’s been a lot of back and forth.  But we’ve enjoyed some great “only kid” time too.  She told me she had put the others “out of her mind” this week.  :)  Last night I seriously thought it was too hot to eat dinner.  Why not just call it a day?  But Bill mentioned “Cheesecake Factory” and Caroline and I were ON BOARD.  Big time.  It’s been fun to visit with just her at some restaurants this week. (Just FYI … they laid the wood floors in the downstairs this week so we “had” to eat out).

But tomorrow … sweet tomorrow …. we go pick up these sweet faces (SO glad the camp posts pictures for me to copy!):

And if this is any indication …. it looks like they’ve had a good time:

I can’t wait to put that craziness in our car!