It will come as no surprise to you that Jacob is the absolute apple of my eye.  

He says things on a regular basis that make me think … “I should write that down”.

In an attempt to not be behind on every single aspect of my life, I’ve written down a few of my favorite things here that he has said in the last couple of weeks.

     *Bill was recently out of town and I asked Jacob if he would say the prayer at dinner.  He bowed his head and then looked up and said … “wait … are there any prayer requests?”.  #sweet

     *He made an 86 on a spelling test recently.  I asked him what happened and he said, without skipping a beat … “I missed the hard ones”.  #likeduh

     *A mom at school the other day asked him how he was liking football.  He told her he loved it and she said … “what position do you play?”.  He said …. with lots of pride and confidence … “I play SUBSTITUTE … on offense AND defense”.  #lovetheswagger


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