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Month: September 2012

Couple of things ….otherwise known as a post about nothing

Couple of things ….otherwise known as a post about nothing

1.  Just for the record, I took out the old memory from my computer and added  in new memory, doubling its size.  
Of course, I bought the memory over the internet …. forgot where I put my memory …. and by the time I remembered where it was, I could no longer remember how to install it.  But I found a video on you tube and in five minutes flat my computer was lightening fast again. 

The guy at the “genius bar” at the Apple store told me I could do it myself.  He said they could do it for me but they charge a lot and he was sure I could do it.  SUCH confidence he had in me.  Of course when I told Bill what I was doing he immediately got all panicky and said things like … “are you sure you can?” and “is that ok?”.

But I was successful beyond my wildest expectations.  And truly … it’s not one bit hard at all.  But I like to think it took a “genius”.  HA.

2.  Speaking of “genius bar” … we have nicknamed Savannah “genius bar” in our home.  Anytime someone has a technical question we say … “Go ask genius bar”.  This past summer Brittany’s iphone was broken and we needed to unlock her phone to get her contacts off for her new phone.  Because the screen was broken the ATT store said it couldn’t be done.  Undeterred we went to the Apple store’s genius bar … thinking they could help us out.  They took a look at it and said “unfortunately, it just can’t be done”.  So we went home, somewhat dejected, and Brittany sat on the couch lamenting that she had lost all the contact info on all her new friends from camp.

About an hour later Savannah runs down the stairs yelling …. “I did it!  I knew I could!!!”  Sure enough … she had done what Apple said she could not.  She had unlocked a phone with a broken screen (which had no picture) … all by herself.  We quickly ran back to ATT and within minutes Brittany had all her contacts loaded onto her new phone.  A few days later we were back at the Apple store and saw our friends at the genius bar.  I told them what Savannah had done and they could not believe it.  They wanted to know how old she was and how long until she could come to work at their store.  
And this is great news because that girl is going to need a job one day.  🙂

3.  Speaking of Savannah … she had a birthday last week.  I ordered her a cookie cake only, instead of writing Savannah on it, they wrote Sayannah … or maybe it’s Sazannah.  She and I both thought it was hysterical.  I call her Sayannah now sometimes. 
4.  So far I think this school year has been a WHIRLwind.  One child wants to go on college visits while another child is working on his elementary reading list.  One plays high school volleyball, one plays middle school volleyball, one plays soccer and one plays football.  Then add in swimming, tae kwon do, a tumbling class and church activities.  I’m so thankful Caroline can drive now …. only it still feels like there are more places to be … all at one time … than is really possible.
Last night was Savannah’s first soccer game and I just loved it.  Pleasant fall evening, visiting with one of my favorite moms, outside … watching other people run.  (ha!) 
 Then we came home and finished like 14 hours of homework. 

5.  I have moved the information from my speaking website,, to this website.  Hopefully I’ll be adding in my upcoming speaking dates onto this site over the weekend – it depends on how many games are on our schedule.  🙂  If not, next week for sure.   It just made more sense to have all the information on one site vs. two.  I felt so fortunate this fall to “get to” expand my speaking beyond churches.  I so enjoyed the groups in the community where I spoke and hope to do more of that in the future.  So, if your group needs a speaker …. let me know.

6.  I bought a really great album on itunes the other day.  It’s from North Point.  Andy Stanley tweeted that the album was “better than candy corn Oreos” …. which I thought was a VERY BOLD statement and so I needed to find out for myself.  I must admit … it is awesome.  You can buy it here if you want.   

7.  Have a great weekend! 

Things my mother taught me …. not a comprehensive list. :)

Things my mother taught me …. not a comprehensive list. :)

Today is my mom’s birthday.  

Although it would be impossible to make a list of everything she has taught me through the years, I did jot a few down.  Here goes:
My mom taught me to love God and to try to and act like Jesus.

My mom taught me to love others – especially the “least of these”.

My mom taught me to love people …. even when they don’t love you back. 

My mom taught me to always look for people who look like they need a friend and make them feel welcome.

My mom taught me to love God’s word.  She reads it …. a lot.

My mom taught me to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.  If we were in a department store and an article of clothing had fallen on the floor … she would pick it up and hang it back on the rack and say we were helping the employees there …. doing unto others.  She recycles … and always makes sure her cans don’t have any rough edges because she didn’t want the workers to cut their hands – doing unto others.  Not too long ago she cut her finger and required an emergency room visit after she stuck her finger on the edge of the sweetened condensed milk can.  Oh, the irony.

She taught me to laugh.

She taught me to laugh at myself.  Once we were in a store and she ran into the mirror …. seeing her reflection she said … “oh, excuse me” … and then we laughed so hard people looked at us.  As she looked at her reflection, she realized that she had on two different earrings.  That sent us into more fits of laughter.  We laughed A LOT.

She taught me to laugh with others (but never at them).

She taught me that laughing beats crying but that sometimes you just need a good cry. 

She taught me how to have fun.

She taught me that you don’t have to do everything yourself … she said “buy potato salad at the store, put it in your own dish and sprinkle a little paprika on the top …. nobody will know”.  

 Not too long ago she took cookies to a cookie swap.  She bought them, put them on a pretty plate …. and they were the hit of the party.  Everyone wanted the recipe and she gladly gave it to them.  It started and ended with  “drive your car to Fresh Market”.  

In third grade we had to have a “flapper” costume when we were studying the roaring 20’s.  I asked her repeatedly why all the other moms MADE their costume and she paid someone to make mine.  Looking back that is hilarious that I, of all people, would ask that question!!

My mom taught me to care about missions and missionaries.

My mom taught me that people don’t really need to know the nice things you do for others … just do them.   She has been quietly generous to people who will never, ever know what she (and my dad) have done. 

She taught me right from wrong and not to get them confused.

She taught me to stand up for what is right.  I will never, ever forget her running for the school board when I was in the 4th grade.  A group wanted her to join their membership to receive their endorsement.  She told them that she would still have to vote how she felt led to vote and not how they told her to vote.  When she told me that story I clearly remember thinking … YOU GO GIRL.  Except maybe not those exact words.  But I do remember being genuinely proud of her that no one was telling my mom what to do.  Nobody puts Donna in a corner.  🙂

She taught me that no matter what happens, tomorrow is another day.

She taught me to “trust in the Lord with all my heart”. 

She taught me to pray for my children … because she prayed for hers.

She taught me how to love my husband … because of how well she has loved hers.

She taught me to love my children’s friends because she loved (and still loves) mine.  
She taught me that people will let you down.  Sometimes even those closest to you … but you have to keep on going.  Once someone very close to her was honored at an event in which she was not personally  invited.  Instead of letting it get her down …. she bought a ticket to the event and when the time came, she offered a very heartfelt congratulations.  She was so proud and wanted to acknowledge the achievement that person had received.  In my opinion, that was doing the hard … but classy thing.  And she did it beautifully.

My mom taught me to admit when I make mistakes.   She will tell you over and over again …. “I’m not perfect” …. and she’s not, none of us are … but she sure does keep trying.

She taught me that “pretty is as pretty does” and she wasn’t talking about looks.

Speaking of looks … to this day when I am driving up to her house, I’ll put on some lip gloss.  If I don’t she will likely say … “honey, your lips need a little color”. 

My mom taught me to evaluate things and make my own decisions.  Once a lot of parents were making (what I considered) a pretty big decision for their children.  I was dreading she and my dad telling me the same thing.  Instead … when we got home she and my dad sat me down and said … “what do you think about this?”.  We discussed it and they agreed to let me make my own decision.  I was a junior in high school and at THAT moment I thought … “I have the coolest parents ever”.  They didn’t get caught up in the “well, everyone else is doing it for their kids” thing and trusted me in that situation.  I think about it all the time and hope Bill and I give our children the same respect.

When it came to looks she would say “act as pretty as you look”.  If I didn’t, I was in trouble.

She taught me how to be a mom.  And that it’s ok to not always get it right.

And I’m pretty sure she taught me to love candy corn.

 Happy, HAPPY Birthday Mom!!!  I love you!!


And just to prove this girl knows how to party … here’s a view of her party from a few years ago. 
 [vimeo w=500&h=275] Celebrating 70!!! from Darla Baerg on Vimeo.

There are some things which just must be shared …

There are some things which just must be shared …

Candy Corn Oreo Truffles are one of them.
(picture from My Baking Addiction – you KNOW I didn’t take it – HA!!!)

Last week people were sending me pictures of the new Candy Corn Oreos from my good friends at Nabisco.  (Clearly they are candy corn lovers too!)  I mean really … how fun are these?

People began asking me …”are they good?” and “do you like them?”.  My short answer is … “it’s an Oreo, what’s not to like?” My longer answer is that they are so cute that it shouldn’t matter what they taste like.  Put them in a clear cookie jar and enjoy their cuteness.  SO many calories saved that way.   I do think however, that the blogger at “My Baking Addiction” probably answers that question better than me.    She also gives the recipe for the ADORABLE candy corn truffles … so please, click here and head on over ….  Candy Corn Truffles.

And while we are talking about candy corn … it has come to my attention that not everyone is a candy corn lover.  At first this was a bit disheartening to find out.  I almost wondered how I was friends with these people (kidding!) …. but I came to realize that not everyone has to be a candy corn lover.  To be honest, I haven’t put a single candy corn in my mouth this year.  It’s not the taste that I love (although they are delectable) … as much as their cuteness.  To me they just scream .. HAPPY FALL Y’ALL!  And trust me … I’ll have a candy corn or 50 but it is only September and I must pace myself.

So then … what to do about the (gasp) non candy corn lovers?  In the interest of being an equal opportunity candy corn blogger I want to present to you the …. get ready … GET READY … DRUM ROLL PLEASE ….

White Chocolate Candy Corn M and M’s.

I had never even heard of this handful of delectable-ness until a friend posted about it on my facebook wall last week.  Minutes after she let me know about them I found my car driving itself to Target.  I mean seriously, can you blame that Chevy Suburban?!?  Anyway … they were 3 bags for $8 so naturally, I bought three bags.

If you are wondering … they only taste of white chocolate (happy now candy corn haters?!?) … but they have the cute fall colors of candy corn.

Once I opened the bag and tasted these morsels of goodness, I KNEW I was in TROUBLE.  
Because I could have eaten all three of those bags if no one was watching me (or maybe even if they were). So, I did what naturally came to mind …. and put them in my glass candle holders.  They made for such a cute look.

But there was one problem.  
I had seen an idea on pinterest where you put a paper towel roll in the middle of the jar so you don’t need as much candy to fill the jar.  (Some people are so smart … because you KNOW that means more candy for you to eat!) 

The next day a friend who had seen on facebook that I had bought some of these m and m’s called and said (ever so coyly)  … “Hey … want to meet me for lunch?”.  I said “SURE” because I love meeting people for lunch.  
Then she asked in a very quiet, low voice … almost as if she were asking me to bring her drugs or something … “can you bring me some of those m and m’s that you bought yesterday too?”  She said she was on a diet and only wanted about 5 and was afraid she would eat a whole bag.  So I brought her what was left from the package … since I had used the “trick” in my candle holders.  You know why … BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS DO FOR EACH OTHER.  I would never want to sabotage her diet … but what are 5 or 10 little white chocolate m and m’s going to do? 

So she ate her diet friendly lunch and then discreetly pulled that baggie of candy corn goodness out of my purse and she ate up every last one of them.  

What I’m saying is that she loved them.

Later I realized I would have to start eating them out of the jar if I wanted any more.


Because I am here to tell you that no, no it did not.

If you look closely at the picture you will see the top of the paper towel roll sticking up in the jar on the right.

And when Caroline caught me with my hand in the “candy jar which is actually a candle holder” she had one comment only …

“That’s sad Mom”.  

Which means that when I go out today to buy another bag to “cover up” my “candy jar which is actually a candle holder” sins … I should probably go ahead and buy an extra bag or three just to have on hand.

You know … in case anyone else wants to go to lunch.