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Month: December 2012

Brittany’s turn …. Start Spreading the News

Brittany’s turn …. Start Spreading the News

We love Brittany.

We love New York.
And we loved taking Brittany to New York. 
A few years ago we took Caroline and this year it was Brittany’s turn.  It is so fun to spend one on one time with them.   Especially in such a fun place.

We took in the Rockettes show.  Never gets old.

Enjoyed all the holiday decorations in the city …

Best question of the trip was when we got to Times Square … Brittany asked … “is there something going on here tonight … I mean, there are all these people”.  Welcome to New York Babs.  🙂

She went to her first Broadway Show called … “Bring it On”.  It had lots of gymnastic stunts and she loved it.

 We took a boat ride around New York harbor.  Rainy and cold but Lady Liberty is still majestic.

We went to the World Trade Center Memorial and had dinner at a favorite in China Town.  So yummy!

I think ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza is incredible.  Brittany thought so too.

On our last day we went to Central Park.  After taking some pictures we decided a carriage ride was the best way to view it.

Frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity is a perfect ending to a great trip!

Special times with a special girl.

Bill should probably write this post.

Bill should probably write this post.

Problem is, Bill doesn’t write blogs.  

He also doesn’t hunt.  Or actually, had never hunted … until earlier this month.  
You see, Jacob has begged to go hunting.  BEGGED.  But Bill has had no desire to hunt.  NONE.  
A golf range?  
A firing range?  
Not so much.  
But Jacob and Bill were invited to go on a father/son hunt at a ranch in South Texas.  There would be guides and dads with guns who knew what they were doing so they signed up to go.  At 11:00 the night before they left Bill was at Walmart buying camo.  We didn’t own any of that.
This was Rambo trying out his new look:

Yes, he is holding a Nerf gun.  It’s all we have.
They pulled out EARLY the next morning.  New camo all packed up.  🙂  They made it in time for lunch.
When they got to the ranch they sat in a deer blind.  
For hours.
And they kept seeing “exotic” deer … which are very expensive if you shoot them.  Bill told Jacob “No exotic deer”.  
Jacob sent me this text … “Dad said the deer is too icspesve and I have to shoot the pwuny ones”.
I laughed and laughed.   
They had to be super quiet in the blind only Bill told me that Jacob kept wanting to wrestle.  Don’t tell the “experienced hunters” but they did wrestle some.  
And then they saw a deer.
And I know there are a lot of “fishing stories” that get exaggerated over time and maybe the same is true for hunting stories … but they assure me that this one is true.
Jacob took one shot.  One shot the entire weekend … and with the one shot he got this deer … right through the heart.

I guess if you take one shot it needs to be a good one.  
It was a Fudge Fail.

It was a Fudge Fail.

Jacob has never been as excited about going to school as he was today.  He wore a Christmas hat, could barely go to sleep last night and has talked for two days about how today was going to be the “best day of school EVER”.  It’s all because a teacher who pulls he and some friends out each week to work with Jacob on reading is throwing a Christmas party during today’s session.  They are going to have hot chocolate … that’s all I know.  That and that he is beside himself excited.

So, I sent a small gift to the teacher with him and thought I’d add some fudge to go along with it.  Brittany had been telling me for days that she was “craving fudge” so when I saw the evaporated milk and marshmallow cream at the store yesterday I grabbed it up.  There was a recipe right on the back for FOOLPROOF fudge.

Except, as it turned out,  it was “not so foolproof” fudge.  Or maybe … “foolproof for everyone but Darla” fudge.

It looked like this:

Basically it was chocolate soup.  The kids did stick their fingers in it (AT BREAKFAST) and said it was good … nothing like sugaring them up right before school, huh?  Brittany suggested we freeze it and make frozen hot chocolate but truly it sat in the fridge all night and was still soupy so I’m not confident that the freezer attempt would work.  I might put it back in the pan and try to cook it longer.  I mean really, how much worse can it get?!?  

I should probably know better than to ask that question!  

I even heard Jacob mumble this morning … “Dad ought to just hire a chef”.  Rude, I know.  Or maybe true … I’d be totally ok with it!

Any who … none of this should be any surprise.  I have not shown you the “Thanksgiving debacle of 2012”.  It looked exactly like the “Thanksgiving debacle of 2011” and the “Christmas debacle of another year gone by”.  

It is this RIDICULOUS pretzel salad.  For starters, salad is such a misnomer.  There is not lettuce, no really anything resembling salad fixings except some frozen strawberries.  It has cream cheese, sugar and pretzels … none of which I’ve ever had in a salad!  But I digress …

Everyone raves over this salad.  Says it’s “SO good” or “one of our faves”.  Since mine had been total failures two previous times I (mistakenly) thought … “third times a charm, right?”  


This is what it was supposed to look like:

And this, my friends, is what mine looked like:

Or, to put it another way:

No one even took a sympathy bite.  And to be honest, I didn’t try it either.  I just couldn’t bring myself to put it in my mouth.  

So, I will not be making this ever again.  I don’t want tips or suggestions on how to make it better.  There are just some things better left to the professionals.


Which is why I am thinking I could totally have a new career … become a “professional” if you will … in being a “foolproof test kitchen”.  People could send me their “foolproof” recipes and I could try them out.  Take pictures.  

I’m thinking a lot more recipes would lose the word “foolproof” in the title if I offered this service.

Let me know if you need my help.  🙂
Consider yourself warned!

Consider yourself warned!

Someone told me they spit out their own drink from laughing about my mom’s “incident” from yesterdays blog.  Of course she doesn’t mind you laughing at her expense.  Today, the joke is on me.

It’s not that it’s funny, as much as it is JUST AWFUL.  Downright embarrassing.  Horrible.
Here you go …. learn from my mistake!


Y’all, I’m serious.  It was like the Lord himself was bellowing directions straight from heaven.  It was LOUD.

Please, please …. learn from my mistake lest you make the post Bible Study walk of shame like me.
As Promised …

As Promised …


Y’all!  What is wrong with me?!?  Why has it been over two months since I posted a blog?  Ridiculous.  I “pinky promised” on facebook yesterday that the blog would come back today.  After that a friend called to see why I hadn’t posted in so long and then last night I met a blog reader at a speaking event who said she had been reading for years.  Her name was Christy Gould and she was introduced as “my stalker”.  Here she is … she doesn’t look that scary.  🙂  So fun to meet her in “real life”.

I was speaking at an event at Fishers of Men Lutheran Church and it was hosted by SUCH nice ladies. This was the “event planner” Mimi Stokes and her daughter.  Aren’t they so cute?!

One of my favorite people to meet was my new friend, Gloria.  She is beautiful and I found her in the crowd almost immediately because she was wearing one of my favorite colors.  Afterwards she came up and told me her story.  You see, she was there as an aid for an elderly woman.  She drives her and cares for her … and had brought her client to this event.  As I was speaking I told Lysa Turkherst’s story of how she adopted two boys from a Liberian orphanage.  It’s an amazing story of what God did with one little boy who felt he had nothing to be thankful for so he sang a praise song.  He ended up in a choir that brought him to America where he and 30 plus other boys were adopted.

Gloria found me afterwards and said she was so touched just to hear her country’s name mentioned in America.  She was there during some of the war and saw the atrocities that those boys experienced.  She said she was so encouraged by hearing that something good was coming from something so bad.  And yes … God is good like that.  I enjoyed meeting Gloria and hearing her story so much.

I have to show y’all something funny.  Hysterical really.  The other day I went to Dallas to speak at an event up there.  My friend Laura was going with me and we were going to rent a car.  I told the rental company a small car was fine.  They pulled up in this:

It was THE smallest car I had ever seen or ridden in.  TINY.  Someone asked me if it came with a remote control and batteries.  And guess what?!  IT TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE!  I felt like we should be pedaling this car with our feet … not driving it 240 miles away … so I returned it.  You heard it hear first … if they ask you if a small car is ok … say “no”!.

That’s really all I have for now.  Someone asked me yesterday if I could upload some of my stories to youtube.  I did a little story today.  Savannah had to help me upload it but there’s a reason we call that girl the “genius bar”.  Enjoy!