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Month: May 2016

S’ticky situation …

S’ticky situation …

WOW … what a few weeks it has been!

Last week I BARELY survived an emergency ROOT CANAL.

Having a root canal that is an emergency, I’ve decided, is the only way to go because you don’t have to wait (read worry) for weeks on end about how awful it is going to be.  I called at 8:30 and by 11:00 I was filling out the paperwork. I truly felt like I deserved a dental badge of courage for the heroic bravery I exhibited just by driving myself there and walking inside.

The sign on the wall said “root canals while you sleep” which was very misleading because when I told them that was the kind I wanted they said I had to plan in advance and not eat breakfast.

It was much too late for that information.

The root canal wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the shots which, by the way, look like they are from the medieval time period.  Why is that?!  Also the fact that when they work it sounds like they are trying to land a 747 in your mouth which is very unsettling.

Yesterday I went back and had a crown put on top of the root canal.  More shots.  STOP THE MADNESS.  Anyway,  that was NOTHING compared to a few weeks ago.  Y’all that was BAD.

Over Mother’s Day weekend I saw something weird on my side. Because my dad had melanoma when I was in college I have  always been a little “on edge” about strange looking moles.  This one was itchy and gross looking so I knew it had to be bad.  Like really bad.  Monday morning I called the dermatologist first thing and said I needed to see my doctor RIGHT AWAY.

They told me she could see me July 11.

Apparently they had not understood the gravity and urgency of my situation so I quickly told them again that I HAD TO GET IN RIGHT AWAY.

They listened that time and said they had an appointment time for me the following day.

I could wait 24 hours but really not a second longer.

My parents were in town on my appointment day so I told them I needed to have a mole check and then we’d have lunch.  In my mind this lunch was going to be my time to tell them “how bad it was” and to figure out our plan of action.  Seriously, I had gone to worst case scenario in my my mind very quickly.

I dropped my parents off to do some shopping while I went to the dermatologist’s office.  Once I was in the exam room the nurse asked to take a look at the infected area.After taking a look she nodded and said she needed to go get the doctor.

I KNEW IT.   If she was getting the doctor it was doomsday.

The doctor came in, took a quick peek then looked me in the eyes and said … “Darla, you have a tick”.



A TICK?!?!?

I’m a city slicker!  How could this be?

I looked at the nurse and asked how she knew it was a tick and she said  … “because I saw it’s legs move”.

IT’S LEGS MOVE?!?!?!  Have you EVER IN YOUR LIFE heard anything more horrific than that one sentence?!?

I thought I was going to hyperventilate.

Of course I asked her how she was able to look at the tick and not scream.

She informed me she was a professional.

Professional or not, it would have been entirely appropriate to scream in that situation.

Completely understandable.

After all there was a (disgusting) TICK.

It probably goes without saying that I’m pretty sure everyone in that doctor’s office knew there was a lady with a tick in exam room #5.

The doctor then asked me if I had shown my husband because “I think he could have told you this wasn’t a bad mole”.  I told her I hadn’t really told him because “I didn’t want him to worry about what was going to happen to me and all”.

She thought it was hysterical that I had all but written my obituary.  I told her we had to have a moment of praise since it was only a tick and not melanoma and right there in that office we had a hallelujah moment!

After our moment of praise she began the “extraction” process.

It didn’t go well.

At all.

They tried using heat but basically that just decapitated the tick and it’s head was still attached TO ME.  All of a sudden I was being prepped for “Tick Surgery”.  I got more numbing shots, and before I knew it the tick was gone and I was getting stitches.

Minutes later I was off to tell my parents I still had more life to live.

I had survived the great tickectomy of 2016.

And I had the stitches to prove it.




Laying it Down … More than just a fish story

Laying it Down … More than just a fish story


May madness is a real thing and we are right in the thick of it. End of season baseball games, team parties … and all the many end of school year activities. We are ready for some summer around here for sure!  What I can’t believe is that in just a few weeks Brittany will officially be a SENIOR!  How did this happen?!

I was having dinner with some friends the other night and one of the moms, who has a senior she is currently helping navigate through the college waters, reminded me of a story she heard me tell last fall about a deep sea fishing trip we took last summer.  She said that almost daily in their home they say the phrase “step back and lay it down”.  It was a phrase the fishing guide said to me (when I was catching what I thought was a HUGE fish!) … I mean just look at these fish! :)…


and what I know the Lord wanted to teach me about handing over what is heavy and a burdening me to the Lord and laying it down.  I told her I was so glad she reminded me of that story as just that day I had been talking to my “soon to be senior” about all that is on the horizon for her.  Brittany had texted me earlier in the week from school saying “everyone is talking about ACT and SAT scores and college applications and grades and it is SO stressful!”.

Later in the week some other friends were sharing with me some huge situations they are currently facing.  Things that are keeping them awake at night and causing anxiety and worry.  Again I was grateful for the reminder to “step back and lay it down”.

God is not calling us to pick up our burdens and walk around with them.  He’s also not asking us to try to figure out all the answers … He is only asking us to hand them to Him.  This is my story of how He taught me that.  And I really did catch a lot of fish!

All is grace

All is grace

This past weekend we had a fun Mother’s Day celebration. I had a great day in Houston.  3/4 of my heart was with me in Houston while 1/4 remained in Austin studying for final exams (finish strong Caroline!).



My parents went to Louisiana to visit my sister and for a second I thought I’d drive over and join them until I remembered that I had my own children and should probably stay in town. It was an absolutely lovely, relaxing weekend. Monday my mom and dad drove over from  Louisiana for a little more celebrating. So glad I got to see my own mom!



One of the things I did over the weekend was get a mani/pedi.  It had been quite some time since I’d been to the nail salon. When I walked in the nail ladies seemed SO EXCITED to see me. They began talking quickly and one of the ladies ran to the back of the store. When she returned she had in her hands the pair of shoes I had worn into the salon THE LAST TIME I WAS THERE. (Apparently I walked out in those flimsy things they give you, forgetting that I had worn actual shoes when I arrived).

The worst part?

They were Brittany’s shoes!! (gasp)

I really do feel kind of badly for telling Brittany she should keep up with her shoes better. 🙂

The good news is when I told the story to Brittany she just smiled and shook her head. I thought to myself then … we all need grace in this motherhood thing. One of my friends, Jinny Henson, wrote on Mother’s Day that her husband often says to her “Grace Yourself”. What a beautiful reminder that we are going to get it wrong more times than not perhaps but we all can give ourselves some grace along the way.

I could write a LONG list (actually my children could) of all the ways I’ve failed as a mom.  But I’m thankful for grace.  God’s grace was given to us.  We give grace to others … and we need to give ourselves some too.

So there you have it moms …. “Grace Yourself”. We really are doing the best we can.