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So much of Switzerland seemed like a real life Disney World. Several times I told Bill that I felt like we were on the Truman show except it was set in Switzerland and everyone around us knew all the scenery was fake but we thought it was real.

It was just that perfect.

The second day was cloudy but we never got caught in any rain. Every now and then the clouds would break but even in the clouds we saw some amazing sights … and I already mentioned seeing the tops of rainbows which is the blessing of a rainy day, right?

We began our second day with a gondola ride to a neat hike and from there to a train to a sweet town with a pretty church and amazing waterfall. We hiked right up to the edge of it.


We went to a few more towns that day … one of which we had lunch in and saw the tops of more rainbows (I’ll never get over it).

That evening we rode a “Disney type” tram up to Harder Kulm where we could see all the way to Interloken.  We decided to have dinner up there and had traditional Swiss fondue.  Bread and cheese y’all, what’s not to love?



These pictures make me laugh because we LITERALLY “have our heads in the clouds”.


And if we thought we were high there, that was nothing compared to the next morning.  Bill, Brittany and I got up very early and headed to Jungfrau, the TOP of Europe.

It’s funny because we had discussed quite a bit whether we were even going to go to Jungfrau.  Caroline had gone a few weeks earlier.  Bill’s thought was “you’ve seen one mountain, you’ve seen them all”.  My thought was this …



If I’m lying, I’m dying … we were sitting in the HOUSTON airport with two hours to kill.  We were discussing our schedule for the trip and if we thought we’d head to Jungfrau.  I went and got a Coke and it pretty much ended that debate.  We were heading to Jungfrau.


It was a PERFECTLY CLEAR day … the best yet.

The Jungfraubahn train took us back to another town where we were to catch our train to Grindelwald.  It was in this town I officially became “lost in Switzerland”.  Somehow I got separated from Bill and Brittany.  They were taking a picture and I went on to the train.  I began looking in all the train car windows for them hoping to find them.  When I didn’t see them I boarded the train hoping I would see them.  I kept sticking my head out of the doors thinking they would be looking for me the same way.  (They were not, haha!).  Suddenly the train conductor motioned for me to step back and the train doors slammed shut.

I was on board.

Bill and Brittany were not.

I didn’t have a train ticket or money.  THANKFULLY, just as the train was pulling off I saw Bill and Brittany walking towards the train.  They saw me frantically waving my arms.  The train conductor came by to collect my ticket and I explained my situation.  She laughed and “let it slide”.

The most ironic part of this whole story is that 9.9/10 times it would be Bill and Brittany who caught the train and not me.

So technically I think it was the two of them, and not me, who were lost.  :)