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The best back to school EVER.


Our daughter Caroline had what can only be described as an EPIC summer. I’ve written a little about her time in Switzerland … which was incredible! She would text me from Switzerland though with countdowns for how many days left until she got to Zambia. She couldn’t wait to go meet “her kids”. Being there was a transformational experience, for sure.

We have filled up the last several days listening to her stories from her work there. The way Family Legacy runs is that orphans are brought from their “compounds” (slums) to go to “camp” for a week.

During this week they hear about the love of Jesus, have fun, they are fed and at the end of the week they go back to their compounds and share with the people in their village about the love of Christ. It is the gospel going forth in an amazing way!

Caroline got to take a group of boys (pictured above) through “camp” the first week she was in Zambia and the other weeks she worked behind the scenes. She LOVES these precious boys.

The children in each group are available to be “sponsored”. What this means is that after camp if they are sponsored they are given the opportunity to attend school which will be held in their compound. They are given uniforms and textbooks, etc. The cost to sponsor a child is $48/month. The sponsorships last (hopefully) until the child graduates from high school. One of the beautiful stories we heard was of a family who flew over to watch their Zambia “son” graduate from high school. What an incredible opportunity they had to see him fulfill his dream. When he received his diploma he turned to his sponsor family and moved his tassel on his mortarboard from one side to the other while looking at them to show his gratefulness for the gift of education he had been given. To read more about the sponorships you can find more information here:  Sponsorship


Our family sponsors two boys, George and Robert. Caroline got to meet her “brothers” while she was there and gushed about how cute and fun they are. Every now and then we get emails from them and each summer can send them a small package. We are looking forward to one day hearing of their graduation. Here are our boys with Caroline:


Five of Caroline’s kids still need to be sponsored. You can see their sweet faces and read more about them here: Sponsor kids I am here to tell you it feels good to know that there are orphan children who are given an opportunity to change their life because of you. If you feel led to sponsor one of these precious children, pray about it and click on the link to select the child you’d like to send to school. These boys want, more than anything, the chance at an education. It will change their lives. They will change yours.


If given this chance at education and a hope and a future … well, it would really be the best “first” back to school for them EVER.