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You know you are in the middle of a remodel when …

You know you are in the middle of a remodel when …

Yesterday the primer went on the walls of Bill’s study.  It stunk to high heaven.  It made me feel woozy and light headed and gave me a terrible headache.  And that was only after one hour.  As soon as I saw (actually smelled) what they were doing I quickly got ready and spent the rest of the day running errands.  

My first stop was to go pick out a new front door.  I smelled something in the door store but didn’t think too much about it.  Then the sales person said … “Something just REEKS of paint.  It’s so strong I think I’m going to pass out.”  She began smelling all the doors around us thinking one was freshly painted.  

Then I sheepishly said …. “I think it might be me” and she (I kid you not) smelled me and said … “IT IS YOU”.  

Y’all I smelled like primer and primer stinks.  I had JUST taken a shower too.  That smelled seeped into me something awful.

I drove down the street to another door place and as the salesperson was printing out my paperwork she said … “OH, the paint smell is AWFUL” … and I couldn’t even bring myself to tell her it was me.  

I did spend the entire rest of the day trying to air out!

Although we are still a long way away from yelling … “Bus driver, MOVE THAT BUS!” like they do on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, there are some rooms that are ready to do a reveal.

The first is the upstairs hall bath – which is also serving as the master bath too.  Soon and very soon we should be able to move entirely into our bath downstairs.  But for now, the hall bath is my favorite room in the house.  I really love it.
Here is was before:

 During …

After …

We still need drawer pulls, towel racks and a rug (oh, and a toilet paper holder!!!) … but I will get to that shortly.

This is the bathroom that Caroline and Jacob share … and I think it’s a great combination of masculine and feminine.

Stay tuned for more!  In the meantime I’ll be trying to rid myself of the primer stink!  It’s AWFUL.

Because exactly two of you asked. :)

Because exactly two of you asked. :)

The blog is back!
The blog was felled by a move, a remodel and several retreat weekends in a row where I was speaking. 

I had decided the blog could wait.  
The blog had to wait.
Then I decided the blog could die because no one really read it and I could remember the things I wanted to remember without writing them down (that is HILARIOUS that I thought that because I can’t remember much of anything right now). 

But yesterday when I was dropping off Savannah at her piano lesson a mom/friend who I rarely see told me she enjoyed chuckling at the blog and that laughter was just what she needed during a stressful day at work.  


It’s a hobby of mine.  

(I’ve heard it uses up calories too which means I should be laughing more … tell me something funny people!!!).

Then at the bus stop this morning my new neighbor (whom I love!) asked me when I was going to post again and right then and there I thought … well, today … today I am going to post.

And truth be told, this whole remodeling thing has felt VERY lonely.  VERY.  I think in part because I was used to going to see college students two days a week, played tennis sometimes and saw friends more regularly.  I need social time and as social as it has gotten  (other than the retreats which were wonderfully refreshing for me) … is talking to Marty the carpenter and Solomon the contractor.  
Every day I talk to them.  We joke and laugh and sometimes it’s stressful.  I know many of the workers at the Great Indoors and several at Lowe’s.  

These are now my people.  

I even took their picture the other day … I always tell them they are my first dinner guests!

But I miss my old friends.  I missed the blog.  And so here we go again.

Tomorrow I will show you the first before and after of the house.

And there will be some stories.

And I hope we’ll laugh a lot.

It’s good to be back.

As promised …

As promised …

It’s cold today in Houston.   Really cold.  (I do realize that what is “really cold” to me would actually be considered a beautiful day in Minnesota right now but still … I’m really cold!).  Which makes me excited that this time next year I can cuddle up under my Snuggie in front of my fireplace!

I have longed for a fireplace … it was on my “have to have” list when we bought our first house.  Only it didn’t have one.  Bill didn’t get the “double sinks in the master bath” that was on his “have to have” list either so we called it even. But this time next year, when I am cozy in front of the fire, Bill can go rejoice that all manner of hairbrushes, make up, curling irons and blow dryers aren’t in his way when he washes his hands!

So, here are the “before” pictures.

 ***PLEASE VOTE … what color would you paint the shutters, trim.  I really do want to know!  Black shutters, white trim and columns, khaki colors … what do you think?

When you walk in the front door, the living room and dining room are on the right.  The stairs go up on the left.  We are planning on making the dining room an office and the living room will become the dining room. 

The dining room, close up (by the way … see that chandelier … we almost burned down the house with that, accidentally, of course.  When we were having piers added to the foundation after Christmas, the workers put plastic over the light).  We came over that night with some friends and turned the light on.  Later we began to smell smoke and the plastic had melted down, was smoking and those lights are blackish now.  Oops.).

The family room …

The little 1/2 door  in the family room led to this bar (you HAVE to see this wallpaper – it’s vintage!).  This room will be part of the master bath after the remodel.

The kitchen …

 Complete with a drive-thru window ..

There is a 1/2 bath in the laundry room …

The master bedroom …

The vanity area will be part of the closet (!) in the remodel but this is the “before” …

Master bath is configured very differently.  There is a wall down the middle of it.  I have never seen a carpeted bathroom before … and it even has a ceiling fan in it.   I can’t wait for you to see the “after”!

UP the stairs …

Caroline’s room is at the top of the stairs (you can’t see, but this carpet has a pattern on it)….

Jacob’s room …

Savannah’s room …

Brittany’s room …

Hollywood bath that Brittany and Savannah will share …

They actually loved this wallpaper but it had to go.  Their bathtub is the only thing that is staying in the entire house.  It looks great and is cast iron and deep and big and I liked it.

This is the hall bath that Jacob and Caroline will share.  Caroline has already stated that Jacob will owe her $1 every time he leaves the toilet seat up.  🙂

So, there you have it … the “before’s”.  Next up … the “durings”.  It is crazy, crazy to walk in there now.  I told Bill if I was the type to have a panic attack, this would be the time I would have it.  All of this is completely demolished.  Come back and see!

It was all very exciting until I ran out of gas.

It was all very exciting until I ran out of gas.

Yesterday Bill sent me an email that said … “wanna new house?”  It felt like I had waited a sweet forever for that email and I squealed and said “YES PLEASE and THANK YOU!”

And I cannot wait to share the story … because it’s a good one and God wrote it … and those are the best kind to share.  

We literally met in an alley to sign the paperwork last night.  We were supposed to be all “up front and out in the open” and sign the papers inside of Starbucks but they were closed for remodeling.  So we signed the largest check we’d ever written in our lives on the top of a car.  

Classy I tell ya.

And soon and very soon the Baergs house will be open for remodeling.  I’ll show you before and after pics and tell you my newest favorite story.  

In the meantime, here’s our house:

We love it!

And I was so excited that I forgot to get gas on the way home (oops!).

More soon!