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All in a days works....

Back at the beginning of the school year I was asked if I would be the communication liaison between the PTA President and the 7th grade parents. They assured me that the job would only entail updating parents via email about upcoming middle school activities. Sounded easy enough. Copy her message, go to the PTA group website and paste the message and hit send. How hard could it be?!!?

Well, I’ve had to send at least one retraction/update, but then today….well, let’s just say I’ve had several comments on the irony of the following message. The email began….

We have a PTA meeting this Thursday at noon in the library and we are serving lunch. We have a nutritionist that will be there to help all of us and our children make some healthier food choices. This is just in time for the holidays so I cannot wait to hear her tips.

It was then followed by this….

Lastly, the 8th grade donut/kolache sale was such a big hit with the students that it is being continued not only on the 1st but also the 3rd Friday of every month starting at 7:50 am in the courtyard. The next sale will be this Friday, so please have students bring extra money…2 donuts or 1 kolache for $1. Remember, all proceeds benefit the 8th grade party.

Sounds like something on Jay Leno, right?!? I just didn’t realize how funny it all was until I began getting the emails from people wondering what the nutritionist was going to think of the donut days! I even got one angry email. I won’t post what she wrote, but suffice it to say her comments on the “mixed messages” we were sending out were not pretty.

Guess she’d really be appalled at our family’s weekly tradition of eating pizza while watching the weight loss reality show “The Biggest Loser!!”

I told her though that I was just doing my job.