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Coincidence? I don't think so.

I firmly believe God cares about all the details. I don’t know how and can’t even begin to explain. I just know that He delights in us and I imagine that He sits back at times and says….“just watch what I can do.”

One of my friends shared a story on her blog ( called WOW. She shared how her children’s elementary school had raised $3,280 to purchase some new playground equipment as a memorial after her youngest daughter died from cancer. There was a particular piece that she wanted but the cost was over $5000. You can read the story on her blog, but suffice it to say she told the distributor that they did not have that much money. Later in the day he sent her email….and the company he ordered from announced a liquidation sale and that piece of equipment was now 40% off. The new cost….$3,180! You cannot convince me that that was anything less than God’s intervention.

Another friend told a story ( )about wanting a new kitchen table. She knew the exact one she wanted and had found it 2 years earlier but at the time didn’t have the money to buy it and lost the information on the maker. After searching for 2 years she felt God urging her to try again. She went to eBay and not only was a table exactly fitting her specifications on there, it was listed “pick up only” and in her city! She now has that table in her kitchen and I know it serves as a reminder to her that God does care about the little stuff.

And on SUCH a smaller scale….but remember, I said I believe God cares about it all….I was travelling to Nacogdoches today to speak at a women’s luncheon. As I drove, I was praying that it would be God who spoke through me and that the ladies would hear His words, and not mine when I spoke. When I finished praying, I turned on the car radio to our Christian station and the song that was playing…..“Give Me Words to Speak” by Aaron Shust.

And I think God did that too.