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Best costume...

I think this was one of my happiest Halloweens ever. I know it was Jacob’s because every house he (Batman) ran to, he would leave the house yelling…“this is the best Halloween EVER!” It was so fun to see them all having such a good time. Halloween falling on a Friday night made it more relaxed and it was fun to be able to trick or treat without having a flashlight for a big part of the night.

But the best part of my night, day, month…o.k., year was when we were on our way to the Boo Parade and were discussing costumes. Jacob said “Mama, are you going as a fashion model?” “No”, I replied. “Oh”, he said, “I thought you were…you look like one.”

Batman candy bucket $2.88 Batman costume, $12.95 Having your kid say you look like a fashion model…..priceless

I can hardly wait to see what I’ll be next year!