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Today's zinger

O.K., actually there were 2 zingers today. Not trying to give Jacob a lot of press, but he just keeps tossing out the memorable lines.

Our whole family went to see High School Musical 3 today. Afterwards I was telling everyone that my favorite line in the whole movie was….“when I look at you, my heart enjoys the view.” After I said that Jacob said….“well, it’s true you know.” I asked “what is true?” He said “when I look at you, my heart DOES enjoy the view.”

I swear Bill is not feeding him these lines. They are totally unprompted. And after having 3 girls who constantly ask things like …“you’re wearing THAT?!” or “Mom…STOP!” (which I guess trying to dance out of HSM 3 was a little much, but come on, it was fun!)…’s nice to have one child whose words are so affirming.

This of course was followed by me reading a t-shirt in the mall that said….“it’s always fun until someone gets hurt, then it’s hilarious.” To which Jacob replied rather dejectedly, …..“my shirt should say ‘it’s always fun until y’all say NO.”

He cracks me up and melts my heart.

All at the same time.