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Rights and Responsibilities

When I was in middle school I wrote a paper called “Rights and Responsibilities in a Democratic Society.” My friend Sharon doesn’t remember this, but she helped me with it one week during church. I wanted to do well on it because it was something I really believed in. Somehow that paper won second place in a contest. I think the only thing I got was my name read at a school assembly (first place got to read the paper to the student body) but I’ve never forgotten about how strongly I felt about the things about which I was writing. Most importantly, I argued, we should vote, because voting is not only a right, but a responsibility. A right that was fought for and a responsibility we as United States citizens must exercise. To have a vote is to have a voice.

I’ve attached a link to a Starbucks commercial that basically says….we need to care before, during and after an election. I will add we need to pray before, during and after the election. Issues aren’t decided every four years, they are decided day in and day out. Educate yourselves on the issues, let your Senator or Congressperson know how you feel and if you feel strongly enough, by all means, get involved.

And after you vote, get a cup of coffee….it’s free at Starbucks if you do.